Weird, Wild, & Wacky: Data Reveals the Most Popular Gifs in the World

A few months ago, we did a post on the most popular Buzzfeed & 9gag posts. These included memes and gifs, some of which were funny (and others that were just plain weird).

Recently we decided to take a look at another gif site to see what kind of gifs were trending in the world. We found the top 10 most popular gifs worldwide on, based on results from our sweet popular pages feature on the PRO.

First check out the most popular gif topics:


The most popular topic by far is workplace-related gifs. Because after all, who doesn’t need a little entertainment while slaving away at the office?

Surprisingly, “funny” and “mind blow” gifts made the very tail end of the list, following far behind cats, Happy Birthday and thank-you gifs. But the majority of the top gifs were not related  to the highest ranked topics (workplace, happy birthday, thank you, dancing and cat themed gifs). So while these may have been the most popular gif topics, overall users favored gifs from other categories.

Now let’s have a look at the top gifs themselves. Some of these gifs are funny. Some are shocking. And some are super random. Does someone want to explain to me why the colored pencil gif is so popular? Because we’re still scratching our heads over that one.

Without further ado, here they are: the weird, the wild, and the WTF-eliciting posts that are the most popular gifs on the web.

 1. Smiley to Pissed off Toddler

giph1 baby

She’s all smiles until some adult playfully shoves her…and then she gives the death stare, which is creepily effective coming from a baby. This type of gif is one of those “emoji gifs” – it’s not so funny when taken by itself, but when it’s used as a reaction to a story or a comment in a forum it’s both effective and hilarious.

2. Exciting Colored Pencils


This title isn’t completely accurate. Because unless said colored pencils can fight crime or shoot fireworks, I remain unimpressed. And while this colored pencil gift does change – from dull colors to vibrant hues – that’s all it does. I have no idea why this gif is the 2nd most popular gif in the world, and I can’t really think of any place I would use it (unless it’s to help people dealing with colorblindness?)

 3. Veering off Course…with Disastrous Results


Talk about a colossally bad idea: Having a small tow truck pull a gigantic semi-truck along a narrow mountain pass, driving precariously close to the edge. It’s a recipe for disaster, and that’s exactly what happened when the tow truck driver went around a sharp curve. The semi-truck crashed through the barrier and tumbled off the side of the cliff, dragging the tow truck with it. Miraculously, the driver managed to jump out of the cab just before the tow truck was pulled down the mountain. This gif is both spectacular and terrifying. We can’t believe the colored pencils managed to outrank it!

 4. It’s funny, but not funny haha


Here’s another “response” gif which have become increasingly popular in forums. Simple enough, just a slightly sinister looking guy laughing. Because a creepy laughing dude is way more effective than a simple hahaha.

5. Mesmerizing Pasta Maker


This machine is making spiral pasta. It sounds dumb, and I’m not even sure what exactly this gif is for, but it’s oddly captivating. And calming. AND HYPNOTIZING.  Three of us watched this gif in silence for a full 5 minutes before one of us managed to pull away.  And afterwards we were all coincidentally craving spiral pasta…

 6. Creepy Uncle Joe


No, it’s not YOUR creepy Uncle Joe, it’s American Vice President Joe Biden. Here he is administering the Senate Oath to Delaware Democrat Chris Coons. And here he is also administering a dose of serious creepiness to Coon’s daughter Maggie, as he is seen whispering in her ear and then trying to kiss her head.  The exchange was so awkward that it incited some internet backlash. But at least something good came out of it: this gif. And for the record, according to Senator Coons his daughter doesn’t think VP Biden is creepy.

7. Sheepish Jim in Disguise


This gif is a scene from Season 4 of the wildly successful American version of the sitcom The Office. Here is actor John Krasinski (who played Jim) in disguise as a maintenance worker. This is another classic response gif, which I would use in response to something embarrassing, or as an avoidance tactic (to get away from a subject you don’t want to get into).

8.  Portable Patriarch


This is Russian Patriarch Khirril 1 of Moscow (he’s like the Russian Pope). See how one of his bodyguards folds down the cross on his holiness’s cap, so he can easily fit in the car. And the bodyguard keeps a straight face the whole time. Whenever I see this gif the first thing that comes to mind is how people remove their car antennae before taking their car through the car wash.

9. Cracking Up Has Never Been So Tasty


Look, new uses for your abandoned exercise equipment! Why run on the treadmill when you can turn it into a conveyer belt, with your mouth as the receptacle for delicious snack food? It’s anyone’s guess as to where this idea came from, but it blends both the hypnotic quality of #6 with the humor of several of the funnier gifs. This guy was probably super bored, but from boredom springs the most original (and arguably, stupid) ideas. In any case, we’re glad he came up with this.


So there you have it, folks: the funny, the scary, the odd, and the totally random. Like it or not, these are the most popular gifs in the world.

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