Which Social Media Apps are Going Up?

Recently, we released a social media study which found that Usage Time of 4 major social networking apps has been trending downward on Android when comparing Q1 2015 to Q1 2016. In this study we looked at Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter and used data from 9 countries across the globe.

In almost every case, people have been spending less time on their social media apps and only in very few cases such as Facebook in Germany, did an app see a growth of Usage Time. For example, in the US, Facebook Android users spent an average of almost 49 minutes a day within the app over Q1 2015, at number that dropped to 45 and a half minutes over Q1 2016.

To look further into this trend we examined data on several other leading social media apps to discover whether Usage Time is down across the board. In this study we looked at YouTube, LinkedInPinterest, reddit is fun (unofficial), Quora, and Whisper. For these apps we have once again looked at Usage Time on Android and compared Q1 2015 to Q1 2016.

As you can see in the graphs, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Quora have been seeing a rise in Usage Time in almost every country we looked at. YouTube’s biggest growth came in France where the app saw its Usage Time rise by 33%, while LinkedIn had its largest growth in Brazil, where the apps Usage Time rose 27%. This quarter-over-quarter growth is amazing news for Microsoft who recently purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. The business-oriented social network saw its average time spent within the app grow in 8 out of the 9 countries in this study.

Meanwhile, Quora has also been seeing a major rise in Usage Time, especially in Spain where time spent within the app rose 169%. In 7 out of the 9 countries examined, Quora’s time was up from Q1, and the same can be said of reddit is fun (unofficial). This unofficial Reddit app saw growth in all countries except Australia and South Africa and saw its largest growth in India where Usage Time almost doubled quarter-over-quarter.

On the Whisper app, Usage Time was up in 6 of the 9 countries with major gains in Spain and Brazil. Whisper saw drops in Usage Time in Australia and South Africa but still had an impressive average Usage Time across the board.

Pinterest, on the other hand, followed the trend of Facebook, Snapchat and others, and saw its Usage Time fall in every country examined. Over Q1 2015, Pinterest’s Android app saw an average Usage Time of 13 and a half minutes across 9 countries, a figure which fell to just over 10 and a half minutes in Q1 2016. The biggest drop came in India where Usage Time fell 30% while the smallest drop was in Brazil, which saw a drop of 14%.

The good news for Pinterest is that though time spent within the app is down, actual usage of the app is up. In the graphs below we took a look at Active App Users meaning how many people that have the Pinterest app installed on their Android device use the app on the average day. In only 3 of the countries examined was Pinterest’s average user rate down, while the app saw growth in Brazil, France, Germany, South Africa, and the UK. Active users to the app remained mostly unchanged in Spain and on average, usage of the app was up 6% overall.

On both Quora and Whisper, the majority of countries also showed growth in active users, with Quora seeing this metric rise in 8 out of 9 countries, and Whisper seeing a rise in 7 out of 9. Whisper’s biggest growth came in Brazil where the app saw a 71% rise in active users. In Q1 2015, only 17.6% of those who had Whisper’s Android app used it daily in Brazil, and that number shot up to 30% in Q1 2016.

Brazil is also where YouTube saw its largest growth in Active App Users, jumping from 24% in Q1 2015 to 30% in Q1 2016. YouTube saw growth in 6 out of the 9 countries, edging out LinkedIn who saw growth in only 5 of the countries. LinkedIn’s largest growth for active users came in Spain, while its biggest decrease was in the UK.

The unofficial Reddit app was the only app to show a decrease in the majority of countries with only Australia, Germany, and India showing a rise in active users.

This aforementioned drop in reddit usage coincided with the release and rise of Reddit’s official app which was released in early April 2016. Between April and May 2016, Usage Time of this new Reddit app shot up in 6 of the 9 countries, with Germany, South Africa, and Spain more than doubling the average time spent within the app.

Two other relatively new social apps that have seen their Usage Time mostly rise since the start of 2016 are Twitch and Periscope. Both apps were released in Q2 2015 so measuring them over the same time period as the other apps is impossible.

In many of the countries we looked at, Usage Time has been trending upwards since January 2016. Twitch saw its largest and most consistent growth in Australia where Usage Time rose from 38.4 minutes in January to over 50 minutes in May. Periscope, on the other hand, saw consistent growth in Brazil and the US with spikes in many other countries around the world.

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