What Social Network do you Personify?

If you were a social network, which one would you be? Serious, studious LinkedIn? Or perhaps fun and fleeting Snapchat? This quiz tells you which Social Network you have the highest affinity to based on your favorite apps.

The quiz is based on data from SimilarWeb’s Audience Interests module, a tool that measures the likelihood that a user of a certain app will use another app. This kind of insight allows app developers to better understand their audience, what other apps they use, and what their interests are. To learn more about App Audience Interests, visit the SimilarWeb Knowledge Base.

For more information on Social Media apps, discover how people are spending less time on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

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About the Author -

Hillá Meller is a Digital Insights and Content Manager at SimilarWeb. Hillá comes from the world of Nonprofit management, loves to cook, and is a history nerd.

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