Which websites make the most of Pinterest?

Two weeks ago, Pinterest announced that they raised $200 million to take their social network to the next level.

The company’s vision is to ‘help millions of people discover things they love’.  2012 was a year of dramatic growth for Pinterest, which saw the number of visits jump to 48 million in December from 9 million a year earlier. Pinterest is now the 39th most visited website in the US and 13th biggest Social Network on the Internet.

pinterest.com weekly traffic sources
Brands and bloggers have fallen in love Pinterest firstly because of its ability engage visitors (SimilarWeb shows they spend over 10 minutes on the website on average!) and secondly because of Pinterest’s effectiveness to drive traffic to other websites. Last September Pinterest became the 4th largest traffic driver worldwide, sending more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.


But who should use Pinterest? And who is reaping the benefits from Pinterest outgoing traffic? Here are three interesting things I discovered when analyzing Pinterest with SimilarWeb:

1. Pinterest users care about food, arts, crafts and TV… not just on Pinterest.

The tag cloud below from SimilarWeb shows the topics of the websites which Pinterest users visit the most. In other words, where they spend their time online when they’re not using Pinterest. Food, recipes, cooking, art, crafts and weblogs and TV shows are what Pinterest visitors use the web for so if you’re in one of these businesses, you know where your audience is!


2. Pinterest is helping a community of creative bloggers share their ideas, tips and discoveries.

Blogspot is the biggest domain receiving traffic from Pinterest and Tumblr isn’t far behind. I looked at some of the most successful blogs generating traffic from pinterest and they tend to be about food and home decoration (surprise!). Blogs such as DIY Home Sweet Home and iHeart Organizing have greatly benefited by establishing a presence and posting their imagery on Pinterest. Blogspot, Tumblr, Flickr and YouTube give creative minds a platform to publish their work. Pinterest is giving them a chance to share it with other creative minds. If you blog about food, arts, fashion or design, make sure you post your recipes on Pinterest to gain some new fans.

DIY Home Sweet Home


3. For some brands, Pinterest is serious business.

There are 3 brands that have mastered the use of Pinterest to drive traffic to their sites and are in the Top 10 of sites receiving the most referrals from Pinterest: Etsy, Buzzfeed and Martha Stewart.

Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade or vintage items, art and supplies is the 3rd most popular site receiving traffic from Pinterest. Etsy’s arts and vintage fashion sellers have embraced the power of Pinterest to showcase their products on the social network. Their Pinterest page has over 240,000 followers and the brand’s ethos, purpose and style seems to be a perfect match with Pinterest’s audience.  10.76% of Etsy’s traffic is social and nearly a third of it comes from Pinterest – that’s over 3% of Etsy’s overall web traffic, which is a lot considering it’s the 21st biggest shopping site on the internet.


Martha Stewart owns the number 1 website on the internet in the Homemaking category. Pinterest is the number one source of social traffic to Marthastewart.com, sending over 7% of the overall traffic. Her 144,790 followers can discover recipes, homemaking tricks and all sorts of ideas which will take them to Martha’s website.


The third brand that has mastered the use of Pinterest (and everything social, really) is Buzzfeed. An astonishing 44.2% of Buzzfeed’s web traffic is social and their viral images are widely shared on Pinterest which is their 3rd largest driver of social traffic after Facebook and Stumbleupon.


There are still a lot of questions about how Pinterest will be able to monetize its popularity, especially with the growth of Pinterest-like websites where you can buy stuff such as Wanelo.

So, what’s been your experience with Pinterest? Do you use it as a part of your social media mix? Is it driving traffic and business to your company?

Let us know and check out SimilarWeb’s new Pinterest page here!

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