Who’s Winning the Display Ad Campaign Feast for Black Friday

It’s that time of year again: time for Americans to give thanks for everything they have….and then fight their fellow compatriots tooth and nail for what they still lack. Thanksgiving nemesis Black Friday (and her younger sister Cyber Monday) are just around the corner, and once again American consumers are hungrier than ever for their post-holiday shopping blitz. Large retailers have come prepared for the battle, and eCommerce shopping sites are no exception.

In preparation for this blessed event, top retailers have been tantalizing American consumers with massive ad campaigns, and it’s already quite obvious as to which retailers are the most effective in this game. Using SimilarWeb’s website analytics, we can take a peek at the top 20 shopping sites that are attracting the most traffic from online display ads in the U.S. shopping industry.


Top Sites of US Shopping Industry in Terms of Display Ads Traffic Share by SimilarWeb


Coupon clippers unite: Its stands to mention that coupon and voucher sites have grabbed four spots on our list, (shopathome.com, coupons.com, befrugal.com, 100-vouchers.com) with shopathome.com at the top. And why not, really, shop at home on this, the bloodiest of all shopping days in the U.S.?

Yet despite substantial amounts of traffic, these are not the most engaging sites. Visitors spent on average less than a minute on these coupon and voucher sites, and bounce rate for each respective site was on the high side.

No surprise here – the most engaging display ad campaigns were from shopping industry bigwigs Amazon.com, Bestbuy.com, Homedepot.com and Jcpenny.com. Visitors to these sites were captivated for an average of five minutes or longer.

But what about Target and Wal-Mart, you ask? Industry buzz has some predicting that Target will soon outrun Walmart, but according to our data Walmart is twice as strong in terms of engagement metrics. Target and Sears are both strong brands with strong engagement, but their ad campaigns are doing rather poorly compared to other popular retailers, as both brands are attracting low-quality traffic from display ads.

Recent “immigrant” and newcomer to the US shopping Industry Alibaba made the list, noteworthy for going head-to-head against the shopping magnates of America. Thanks to the Alibaba Group’s recent IPO and subsequent aggressive marketing of their retail branches, Aliexpress nabbed third place on our list. Of course, despite massive traffic, the website has the poorest engagement metrics when compared with the other well-known brands listed. Well, Rome (or Amazon.com, for that matter) wasn’t built in a day!

In terms of growing trends, niche products are moving on up in the (online) world. Sellers of niche products are bidding on display ads hoping to take a stab at the huge potential profit to be made during the holiday season.  Electronic cigarette sellers V2cigs.com and Vaporcouture.com are at spot 4 and 14 on our list, respectively. It’s not too early to make that New Year’s resolution to quit smoking!  Bounce rates aren’t exactly optimal at over 90%, but as with quitting smoking, progress can sometimes be slow. On the other hand, niche product seller Harrys.com has a holiday promo featuring shaving sets and they’re showing promising figures.

It’s no wonder that top retailers are pulling out all the stops for their ad campaigns. Black Friday is predicted to become the fastest online growing sales day of the year with estimated $2.4 billion in sales with 28% YoY growth, while insiders believe Cyber Monday will continue it’s reign as the largest online sales day with an estimated 2.60 billion in domestic sales. We’re a visual culture, and as these top retailers have shown, a successful ad campaign can help you take full advantage of the online shopping-frenzied festivities.

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