You’ll Never Guess the Top 10 Product Searches on Amazon

Color us surprised and that’s putting it mildly. You’ll never guess what the top product searches on Amazon are.

So we’ll tell you: Selfie sticks, DIY bidets, and FitBits to name a few. These are‘s top 10 most searched for (non-Amazon branded) products on the company’s website for the first three months of 2015.

If you’re scanning this list, you’re probably wondering where the bidet is. It’s the obscurely-titled “Astor CB-1000,” which reportedly lets you “convert… any standard toilet into a bidet in just a few minutes.” Who knew that butt washers were so trendy? We thought this was a European thing, but apparently Americans like to feel…fresh everywhere too.

But personal maintenance isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s also about keeping fit. Perhaps that’s why FitBit searches were so popular. In fact, three of the fitness tracker company’s products made this Top 10 list, and were the only fitness products to do so.

Not surprisingly, politically incorrect Cards Against Humanity was the 3rd most searched for product. It bills itself as a “party game for horrible people.” And apparently, there are a lot of horrible people out there (a statement that is further reinforced by the contents of this list).


The good news is people are still reading – several books made Amazon’s Top 10 list without any help from paid advertising. Two popular yet completely different types of books made the list: Ernest Cline’s sci-fi novel Ready Player One was the 6th most searched product in the store, and Moses Naim’s The End of Power was ranked 8th.

The Raspberry Pi DIY computer circuit board and Google’s Chromebook also made the list. Our data shows that traffic from Raspberry Pi relies heavily on ads, with more than 31% of its traffic coming from paid advertising.

Aside from comparisons to bidets and what some might say is the “toilet humor” found in Cards Against Humanity, we can’t see any connection to any of the items on this list. This is our verdict: American consumers are weird, and more than a little self-obsessed.

If you were to stock up on these goods as gifts for the holiday season, it would make for a rather eclectic set of gifts. Because really, nothing says holiday cheer and good tidings like taking a selfie on your convertible bidet.

Update – see amazon top product searches in 2016

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