Zzzzzzz! These Boring Apps Will Put You to Sleep

The app world is saturated with hundreds of thousands of apps spanning a wide variety of categories, from texting apps to fitness trackers, phone security to social gaming. And then there are those apps that are so strange or obscure that you may wonder, “how did someone come up with that?” or an every better question, “why???”

We’ve recently stumbled upon a few apps that are a fun mix of totally off the wall weird and boring. Some are just snooze-inducing, some are really odd, and then there are those that combine the best of both worlds (like onion diseases). These apps are so random that we couldn’t find much info on them with regards to retention patterns, but some might be too new to measure right now. Then again, there probably isn’t too much demand for a palm-tree disease identifier.

But it’s not just the strangely niche audiences that can benefit from these bizarre apps. One thing all of these apps have in common is that they’re probably on the boring side for general audiences. Forget meditation and sleep apps. Need help falling asleep? Why not check out these 7 apps, all of which are so boring we’re certain you’ll be sailing away with the sandman in no time.

The Oxford Dictionary of Dentistry

The Oxford Dictionary of Dentistry offers over 4,000 definitions that cover all the crucial terms and concepts used in Dentistry today! There’s even a favorites feature, so you can easily access your favorite aspects of oral surgery and orthodontics.

Company Code of Delaware

If dentistry isn’t your cup of te(eth), why not settle for a quiet evening with the Company Code of Delaware? For those who don’t follow state company code laws, this law is the statute governing corporate law in Delaware. The description alone is yawn inducing, “A company that requires a 2/3 super-majority of shares to vote in favor of a motion can grant, in effect, veto power to a shareholder or block of shareholders that own controlling interest, which is more than 1/3 of the shares. Thus in some cases a single entity can essentially maintain controlling interest with only 33.4% of the outstanding shares…” have you fallen asleep yet?

Central Excise Act 1944 (Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax in India)

No room for any guesswork here, folks. This app is as dry as it sounds. The Central Board of Excise and Customs is the national agency responsible for the fun tasks of administering customs and service tax in India. Peruse the laws at your leisure, or simply to bide your time while waiting for your root canal.

Rectal Ulcer Information

Really, the title says it all. There is literally nothing else to say – the Rectal Ulcer Information app provides all you could ever want to know about rectal ulcer diseases. It looks like Android app users aren’t too keen on learning more about rectal ulcers, either – when we checked, the app engagement data was pretty grim – 0% daily active users, and 0 current app installs – but maybe the app is still new? Or maybe the title is enough to dissuade anyone from downloading it. On the medical app index, it ranks 4,189 in the US.

Onion Diseases

Have you ever wondered how to handle your diseased onion? Well guess what, there’s an app for that. It’s the Onion Diseases app, and it’s a very practical app for onion farmers (??) to identify and treat the many diseases and “malfunctions” of the onion. These fun oniony illnesses include those nasty sole borne diseases, or those brought about by bacteria or insects.

Palm Symptoms Key

And more from the arsenal of absurdly specific apps, there’s also an app for identifying and treating palm tree diseases. Introducing Palm Symptoms Key, the premiere app for everything Palm-tree related. It’s alphabetical and covers everything from  ambrosia beetle damage to boron deficiency to Ganoderma Root & Butt Rot, this app has you covered like the shady leaves of an undiseased palm tree.

Vector Spray

We bet you thought that apps couldn’t get more obscure. Well, you would be wrong: check out Vector Spray, which is basically a database of different agricultural sprayers (insecticides) in order to analyze the droplet size of these sprays under various operational setups. This app apparently boasts an easily searchable database that returns “droplet size data for the specified operational setup.” Ready for a nap yet?

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