Limor Barenholtz
Director of SEO at Similarweb

Limor Barenholtz

Limor is the SEO Director at Similarweb. She began her career at age 15 as a hacker & webmaster, but fell in-love with SEO over 15 years ago and has been working in the SEO space ever since. Limor specializes in all aspects of Technical SEO - From JavaScript SEO & rendering, through mobile & multi-device optimization, all the way to page experience metrics - She loves the challenges it presents, clean codes makes her smile & creating scalable SEO strategies makes her happy. She has vast experience in both local & international SEO for major brands & publishers, as well as in planning & integration with multi-channel campaigns. Limor is a speaker at BrightonSEO, co-author of the "In-house SEO Book", and a judge at The Drum Awards When she's not doing SEO, Limor loves playing computer games and handball, listening to music, and being with her baby twins - Naomi & Maayan.

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