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Online Pharmacies in Germany – Medpex, Shop Apotheke, Doc Morris and more

by Paloma Bernard , Field Marketing Senior Manager, Similarweb 2 Min.
December 18, 2019 | Updated July 4, 2022
  • Traffic to online pharmacies in Germany has grown by 62% in two years notably due to the rise of Mobile Visits
  • Three main players amongst the top ten online pharmacies in Germany account for over half of the traffic sent to the category
  • Supplements are extremely popular drugs purchased on these sites, Neuroxan was the top searched product on online pharmacies throughout the year

The list of the top 10 most visited online pharmacies in Germany (below) offers insights on the market trends and performances of industry key players. Click on the image to view it in fullscreen.

Most Visited Online Pharmacies in Germany - Medpex, Apotheke, Doc Morris and more

A Market growth driven by Mobile visits

The segment has experienced an increase of traffic of 62% in only two years. Three players: Medpex,  Shop Apotheke and Doc Morris, account for the majority of traffic sent to the top 10 online pharmacies in Germany. Traffic coming from Mobile Visits has more than doubled between Dec 2018 and Nov 2019. Today, the majority of the traffic in this category comes from Mobile Visits.

Medpex, the market & mobile leader

Mobile devices represent major opportunities for growth and optimization for the market: Medpex, the first online pharmacy in Germany, is also the most reliant on Mobile Visits. However, despite driving the most traffic, Medpex operates with one of the highest bounce rate in the industry. This year, while Doc Morris and Apotheke have respectively experienced +69% and +43% YoY growth between Jan and Nov 2019 compared to the year prior, Medpex only increased its traffic by +23%.

Best performing traffic sources 

Online pharmacies in Germany must exert strong brand awareness: Direct Traffic accounts for 34% of the total visits to the main online pharmacies in Germany and Search for 56%. A significant level of browser search also implies a loyal customer base, Shop-Apotheke captures 24% of the total traffic sent to the top ten sites from this channel. The website also has the least volatile audience out of its two close competitors.

Most popular searches

‘Online Apotheke’ is the non-branded organic keyword that generated the most visits to the category. Doc Morris captured 21% of the traffic from this keyword, Shop-Apotheke 13%, Aponeo 8% and MyCare 7%. From this analysis, we notice that half of the top 20 search terms which drove the most traffic to online pharmacies in Germany were related to Supplements brands. Check out the top 5 products most searched products in Germany here.


Find out about the online performances of the main players in the online pharmacy industry in Germany in our latest ranking: Download the pdf here.


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