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Nuclear War Anxieties Influence Search and Web Traffic

March 24, 2022 | Updated July 10, 2022

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, our data depicts that growing concern about nuclear war – which had receded since the end of the Cold War – has resurged.

By the numbers

  • 120,000 visits to the U.S. government page offering advice on how to survive a nuclear explosion on February 28, 2022, up from almost nothing a few days before, according to Similarweb estimates.
  • Growing interest in potassium iodide pills, a preventative treatment for thyroid cancer, one of the major consequences of radiation exposure, as seen in Amazon searches and visits to the websites of companies who make the pills.
  • Inrcreased searches on phrases like “nuclear bunker near me” 
  • Surges in traffic to some survivalist websites.
Chart: traffic to the U.S. government's nuclear explosion page.

Visits to the U.S. government’s page on how to survive a nuclear explosion.

What to know for now

Whether the use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia would escalate or not is an unsettling possibility – as our data shows.

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