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TDOC Q4 Insights: Healthy Growth

by Clement Thibault , Content Marketing Manager, Similarweb 2 Min.
February 13, 2020 | Updated August 2, 2022

Teladoc is the largest telemedicine company in the United States. As such, it uses telephone, videoconferencing, and mobile apps to provide on-demand remote medical care. Teladoc is at the intersection between the medical and digital worlds, which makes it an interesting company to analyze using Similarweb’s Investors Intelligence.

Teladoc is currently trading just below its all-time high and is up 47% in the past quarter. It is expected to report earnings on February 26. Let’s dive into Teladoc’s digital performance in Q4.

  • Visits to Teladoc’s members’ area hit an all-time high in Q4, including 405K visits in December
  • Teladoc’s Android App has been downloaded 250K times in Q4, a new record
  • Exclusive insights on Teladoc’s providers are accessible by downloading our full data set below

We’ll take a look at two aspects of Teladoc’s business: first, we’ll focus on its patient-related metrics to understand its user base growth. Then, we’ll move on to evaluating another crucial part of its business – its ability to attract and retain medical providers.

Teladoc’s Member Area

Teladoc operates a subdomain,, where users go to sign up or log in to the platform. Teladoc charges both a subscription fee and a consultation fee, which makes all log-ins to the platform interesting to look at.

The last quarter of 2019 was the best quarter for Teladoc when it comes to the number of visits to its members’ area. In fact, November and December 2019 rank #2 and #1 in monthly visits to its members’ area, with 336K and 405K visits, respectively.

Teladoc App Downloads

Teladoc provides remote consultation through its mobile apps. Looking at its app downloads numbers helps us gauge interest from users in its services.

As evident by the growth shown in the downloads chart, Teladoc’s Android app downloads hit an all-time high in Q4, much like its visits to its members’ area. Teladoc averaged 54K downloads a month in 2019, with once again extraordinary months in November and December. In the last two months of the year, Teladoc was downloaded 87K and 99K times, respectively.

Our user-centric metrics are showing Teladoc is gathering strong interest from consumers, especially in the fourth quarter of the year. In January, Teladoc revised its Q4 guidance upwards, which indicates the business is indeed growing at a fast pace.

But what about the doctors? Can Teladoc attract and keep doctors on its service? After all, without doctors to give care, Teladoc has little to offer.

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