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The State of Mobile Marketing Infographic

May 2, 2016 | Updated August 4, 2022

All over the world, the mobile web is taking over and becoming the dominant force in overall internet traffic. In our recent US Mobile Web Report, we discovered that in Q4 2014, mobile web accounted for 48.7% of traffic to leading US websites, but that number rose to 55.7% in Q4 2015, an impressive jump of 14%. Furthermore, according to Similarweb’s Usage Rank Google Chrome is the second most used app in the US among Android users.
This mobile trend isn’t just confined to the US. In the UK, mobile web has become increasingly popular especially in the shopping category where, in January 2016, 65% of the top shopping traffic came from mobile.
As a consequence of this mobile revolution, users are spending less time on sites and are viewing fewer pages per visit on average. For example, our UK Mobile Web Report showed that in 2015, the average UK web user spent 8½ minutes on a site compared to under 6 minutes on mobile.
In this new mobile world, marketers must adjust their digital strategy and learn to adapt fully to the world of mobile marketing. With help from our friends over at JBH and Smart Insights we are proud to present a comprehensive infographic on the state of mobile marketing 2016.

The State of Mobile Marketing Infographic – 2016

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