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12 Must-Use Agency Tools to Boost Your Productivity

by Chloe Dougherty , Digital Marketing Specialist 6 Min.
September 23, 2021 | Updated August 9, 2022

These days, there’s a tool for every agency pain point. The issue? How to find the right one for you. 

Using a wide range of tools alongside Similarweb analytics for agencies can help companies ranging from small businesses to major agencies beat the competition, get ahead in the digital game, and prove to clients they’re the best agency for the job. 

We’ve done the work and gathered a list of our top 12 agency tools to get you started. Check them out below!

The top 12 tools for agencies today

Running an agency of any size requires the collaboration of many different moving parts and teams to succeed. 

It’s important to know your strengths and know when to outsource assistance. Whether you’re on the hunt for help with invoicing, graphic design, or email marketing, some  factors to consider include pricing, functionality and user interface.

So where do you start? 

From content marketing and SEO tools to automation and social media marketing management tools, the following programs will streamline your operations and make teamwork a breeze. 

Let’s dive in!


12 must-use agency tools

1. Google Analytics: Real-time data

The mother of all analytics tools, Google Analytics is the go-to service for all the information digital marketers need on a website or app. Stats are seemingly endless and include traffic, session duration, pages per session, demographic information, specific page information, bounce rate, and more. Google Analytics also offers a real-time option that allows marketers to understand what goes on at any given moment on a particular website. 

The tool integrates with Google Adwords as well, which is especially helpful for evaluating online marketing campaigns, conversions, and landing pages

2. Google Ads: PPC keywords

Google Ads, previously known as AdWords,  is an advertising platform where agencies and businesses have the ability to purchase PPC (pay-per-click) ads inside the Google search engine and beyond (Google Display Network). Every digital marketing agency today must use Google Ads for their Google campaigns, making it one of the most essential agency tools out there.

3. Google Search Console: Search performance

Google Search Console is a tool aimed at webmasters that gives them the ability to check indexing status and optimize content for better search performance. 

While it’s a bit technical, it’s crucial for any digital agency looking to optimize websites and apps for clients. As Google is the number one search engine today, it’s important to take a close look at sitemaps, crawl rates, links, Googlebot difficulties, and much more. 

4. Google Drive: Streamline collaboration

Are we a bit obsessed with Google? Perhaps. Another Google tool we simply cannot live without is Google Drive. With the ability to share and collaborate with team members on files easily, choose specific settings or templates for each file according to who you want to control what, and so much more, Google Drive is a prime agency tool

5. Facebook Business Manager: Track multiple channels

If you’re in the digital world, you almost certainly run ads on Facebook and Instagram. That’s where Facebook Business Manager comes into play. 

Facebook Business Manager makes it easy to run and track Instagram and Facebook ads, manage your various assets, like pages and ad accounts, and work with your client or other partners to program social media assets. This tool is critical because you most likely work with multiple clients and need to keep things organized in one space. Business Manager solves this by giving you a convenient, consolidated way to receive notifications and move between different clients, streamlining your ad work. 

6. Asana, Trello, Project management 

You’ve got a lot going on in your agency. This is why using a top project management tool is a must.

The options for organization are endless: Asana, Trello, ClickUp,, and the list goes on. Project management software like these keep your team up to date and on schedule by allowing managers to assign tasks, track progress, plan for the future, and more. They also enable team members to stay in the loop thanks to notifications on their project status, making remote work in particular a lot easier. 

Which tool is best for you? That depends on your specific functionality and pricing needs. Most offer free trials, so check them out and see which fits your agency.

7. HubSpot: Marketing tools

Every agency needs a CRM to keep an eye on its sales funnel and pipeline. HubSpot gives you a bird’s eye view of where your deals stand, what your sales team members are up to, and what’s coming up (potentially) in your agency’s future. 

You can export reports with the click of a button on HubSpot, making it easy to get a grip on what’s going on and plan next steps (together with your project management system!). 

8. UpLead: Lead generation

Looking for the best potential projects and how to target your ideal clients? You need lead generation platform UpLead. 

UpLead works by giving you access to its massive database of business contacts (46 million and counting!). From there, you can filter based on needs such as revenue, size, field, etc. 

After that, the ball moves to your sales team to work their magic and close the deal. 

9. Canva: Graphic design

Tired of waiting around for a designer? Canva is a graphic design platform that can be used to create polished-looking visuals for social media, client presentations, and more. The app includes customizable layouts and templates, plus design tools to create professional looking graphics with ease.

10. Buffer/Hootsuite: Social media marketing 

It seems like there’s a new platform popping up every day, so it’s no surprise that things can get a bit messy in the social media space . Platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite give you the chance to make sense of the madness and organize your content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. The result? More time, less stress, and a great view of what’s going on with your social media posts and what’s coming up in the future. 

11. Slack: Internal and external communication

E-mail, text messages, phone calls, WhatsApp…with so many channels, it can be difficult to keep track of correspondences within your agency and with clients.

This is where Slack enters the scene. It’s the perfect agency tool to track  communication, categorize topics by channel, and keep your inbox tidy and updated. 

We should also mention that Slack works just as great on mobile and plays nicely with other tools like Salesforce, meaning you can communicate from virtually anywhere.

12. Zapier: Endless integrations

Have you ever dreamed of being able to have two different programs communicate, but they have no built-in integration? 

Zapier solves this problem with automatic workflows which save you time and energy when exporting or importing data and moving between apps

For example, if you want all files that a specific client sends you uploaded to Google Drive or added to your Trello board, just set up a Zap! Want to connect your Hubspot to your email? Dropbox to your Google Drive? Zap it. 

Warning: this program can get addictive quickly!

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