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The Similarweb Agency Digest: July 2022

by Chloe Dougherty , Digital Marketing Specialist 2 Min.
July 31, 2022

Welcome to our latest agency digest… it’s your one-minute monthly update of what’s new in the world of agency analytics.

Your ultimate guide to consumer behavior

With the impending loss of third-party cookies, agencies and publishers are looking for new ways to understand their audience’s preferences and behavior. Find out how audience analysis and consumer behavior insights make it possible to create tailored messaging and deliver it to the right audience without using a single cookie

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11 ways to do primary market research

Are you leveraging primary market research effectively? 

Predict industry trends, understand challenges and create messaging that resonates with people using primary market research. We put together this guide to help you understand the benefits of performing original research and the best methods to collect the information you’re after. 

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Keyword gap analysis: why and how

Next up, we’re breaking down keyword gap analysis, so you can spot gaps in your client’s search strategy and find the right keywords to fill them. Read the blog to find out how to use digital intelligence to pinpoint terms that send traffic to the competition and target the right keywords to drive more traffic

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The fastest-growing ecommerce companies of 2022

See the latest consumer trends in the world of ecommerce, with exclusive insights into six key markets to understand shopper preferences and build an informed strategy. From apparel and consumer electronics to pet care and beauty – don’t miss the freshest ecommerce data for the first half of 2022.  

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That’s it for now – see you next month, and until then, take care!

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