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New Feature: Get Alerted When Your Advertisers Start Working With New Ad Networks

by Josh Rod , Senior Solution Marketing Manager, Similarweb 5 Min.
December 14, 2020 | Updated August 4, 2022

The AdTech world is highly competitive. As an ad network, your success is defined by the number of advertisers you can attract and retain, and how much budget they are willing to spend with you. But with countless competitors vying for your advertisers’ budgets, your share could be put at risk any day.

Fortunately, Similarweb Sales Intelligence has developed a solution that empowers you to compete smarter. We are thrilled to launch our new feature, which provides alerts the instant any of your advertisers start working with new ad networks. 

This new feature allows you to know as early as possible when an advertiser starts working with a competitor so you can act quickly to protect and even grow your share of wallet. If the advertiser isn’t yet a customer, this information can actually help you convert them.

In this article, we’ll cover the importance of knowing when your current advertisers or prospects start working with a competitor, and how you can use Similarweb’s new alerts feature to protect your share of wallet. 

We’ll cover the following questions:

  1. Why do I want to know if an advertiser starts working with a new ad network?
  2. What should I do when I receive an alert?
  3. How do I track my list of advertisers?
  4. How do I view the alerts?

Why do I want to know if an advertiser starts working with a new advertising network?

You’d want to know if an advertiser starts working with a new ad network for two key reasons.

  1. It could have a direct effect on your bottom line. More often than not, advertisers that start working with another ad network simply reallocate their existing display advertising budget to pay for both. In other words, instead of increasing their budget to pay for the new ad network, spend that previously went through your advertising network would instead go to a competitor. 
  2. The advertiser could be changing its marketing strategy. Perhaps the advertiser has identified a need to reach a new audience or they’ve realized the value of a new type of display advertising. If the advertiser believes a different ad network is better equipped to support their new strategy, they won’t hesitate to pull budget from you. 

Knowing as early as possible when an advertiser starts working with a new ad network gives you the opportunity to react strategically. You can initiate a conversation to discuss their goals, and explain how your ad network can help them reach the right audiences.

For example, if one of your advertisers starts working with an ad network that works within a specific vertical, you can give them a tutorial to more effectively use the segmentation tools on your platform. If they start working with an ad network that specializes in retargeting, you could reach out to offer a trial of your retargeting product, and maybe capture some additional budget by upselling. 

Knowing which ad networks your prospects start working with is also valuable for converting more customers. By gaining a better understanding of their advertising strategy, you can reach out from a more informed and relevant perspective, which can help you close a deal faster.

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Using Similarweb’s new alerts feature

Our new feature gives you a view of your current customers’ and prospects’ goals so you can react strategically and protect your revenue. 

Here’s how to use the alerts feature to get the most value.

What should I do when I receive an alert?

If you receive an alert, this is a strong signal that it’s time to act. 

If the advertiser is a current customer, you’ll want to explore how to protect your share of their budget. For example, you can emphasize your advantages over the new ad network, and clarify how your platform can enable them to achieve their objectives — even if they’ve changed. In some cases, you may also want to reevaluate pricing with the specific advertiser in order to retain them.

In the case that the advertiser is a prospect, you should interpret the alert as a signal that they are reallocating their budgets. You can seize this opportunity by reaching out to offer a head-to-head comparison with the new advertising network and assert your value.

How do I track my list of advertisers?

Using Similarweb to track your advertisers and prospects is easy. 

In your Similarweb account, follow these three steps, or click here for more details.

Step 1: Navigate to your personalized workspace and choose the option to Build A Lead List.

Step 2: When prompted, choose a name for your list and hit Create. This list will now be available under the leads panel on the left-hand menu bar in your workspace. Add your own leads by clicking Add existing leads.

Step 3: Type/paste in your prospects/customers’ websites and click Save.

If you want to find new advertisers, learn how to generate high quality leads here.

How do I view the alerts?

Once you’ve built your list of advertisers, you can view alerts by following these four steps.

  1. Go to your lead list.Similarweb lead lists
  2. Choose ‘New ad network’ sales network alerts
  3. You will then see all the leads that have recently started working with new ad network alerts
  4. To view the new ad networks an advertiser has started working with, click a specific account in the list. For example, here we can see Adobe started working with AdShort Media in Argentina and Spain. (An ad network is defined as new when the advertiser received display visits through this ad network in the last month, but they did not receive any visits from this ad network in the 6 months prior.)

Adobe ad networks

Being proactive is the key to success

When the competition is high, having access to the right information can be the difference between losing advertiser spend and expanding your business. Getting alerted when your current customers or prospects start working with new ad networks positions you to safeguard your business by retaining as much advertiser budget within your own network as possible. 

Being proactive is a key trait of successful ad networks. The earlier you know what your advertisers are doing, the more you will understand their strategy, and the better equipped you will be to keep them in your network. 

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