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Marketing Intelligence

Market Intelligence Summit: 25 Tweets That Sum Up the Event’s Success

by Sarah Mehlman , Sr. Marketing Intelligence Specialist 1 Min.
March 12, 2020 | Updated August 4, 2022

Today businesses can make more informed decisions than ever because consumers’ digital footprints allow us to track all aspects of purchasing decisions. From keywords to bounce rates to competitors’ marketing strategies and more, everything is available as data and insights to help us better understand and reach our target audience. 

Similarweb analyzed market trends for 2019 and released our Digital Top 100 list at our Market Intelligence Summit. MIS is an annual event that brings together professionals from multiple industries to learn how to use data to optimize marketing, sales and investment strategies. In case you missed the summit, we’ve pulled a few tweets to highlight the key takeaways.

Why does Similarweb collect data trends?

How does data impact business?

What is Marketing Intelligence and why does it matter?

How does Marketing Intelligence impact marketing strategies?

What digital trends are emerging?

Surprising Traffic Trends

Who are the winners of Similarweb Digital Top 100?


Similarweb had a wonderful time hosting the 2020 Market Intelligence Summit. A big thanks to all our speakers and, of course, congratulations to the Digital 100 winners

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