Facts and Stats About Pride Month
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Facts and Stats about Pride Month that Will Make You Say “Huh”

by Limor Barenholtz , Director of SEO at Similarweb 8 Min.
June 15, 2022 | Updated June 19, 2022

The first Pride Parade was actually a riot. Yes, you read that right. While today Pride is perceived by many as a fun celebration of love, hashtags like #loveislove and parading out in the streets of San Francisco, the LGBTQ community isn’t welcome everywhere, even today.

The Pride Parade was, and still is, a fight for recognition, which started after the events at Stonewall in 1969. Unsure what happened there? It’s okay, I’ll loop back to that in one second.

The internet is a reflection of what’s happening in the world around us. We have the ability to literally watch and analyze the evolution of social and political events as they unfold. We can see the language people use via queries in search engines, how people are using language thanks to search intent, and even evaluate which websites are popular by watching traffic trends.

I know, I know. It’s not shocking that an SEO Director believes in the power of analyzing searches, so I don’t expect you to take my word for it. That’s why I dove into Similarweb data to prove it to you.

But, before we see how the internet is celebrating Pride in 2022, let’s quickly brush up on the event’s history. After all, if we don’t know how people used to discuss it, how can we properly understand today’s trends?

Feel free to skip ahead if you already know this part.

Facts about Pride month: History and background

Gay activism – There were LGBTQ activists long before Pride, but Pride month was a marked change in modern history. It’s the first time we’ve seen the movement for LGBTQ equality become almost mainstream.

Stonewall Inn – This is the first documented LGBTQ uprising in U.S. history. In 1969, the NYC police raided a well-known gay club, The Stonewall Inn. This led to a clash and protest and triggered a worldwide gay rights movement.

Brenda Howard – The “Mother of Pride”, coordinated the Liberation March in 1970, exactly one year after the Stonewall Riots to commemorate the incident. She birthed the idea of a week-long festival with parades, rallies, and parties. Her idea has remained unchanged ever since.

The Rainbow flag – Designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, this quickly became the most recognized symbol of the LGBTQ community. The colors symbolize:

Pride flag colors meaning

It’s important to note that while the rainbow flag is meant to be the official symbol of Pride, there are many other flags that people use during Pride to represent the sub-orientations such as bi-sexual, pan-sexual, and others.

Pride month marketing: is rainbow marketing becoming mainstream?

I can almost hear some of you still thinking about my definition of “gay activism” and questioning why I would say Pride has become almost mainstream… First of all, I didn’t say mainstream, I said almost. And, it almost has.

Let me explain.

Brands are purely for profit, and many have found it profitable to create specific Pride marketing campaigns. We can go back and forth on whether marketing for Pride furthers or hurts the cause, but the fact is, it’s happening.

Example of top Pride search ads

Examples of top Pride search ads found on Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence.

In fact, it’s such a popular marketing tactic now that “Ikea pride couches” and “Target pride collection” are within the top 15 most searched terms related to Pride over the past 3 months.

Top 15 Pride related search terms

The top 15 Pride related search terms found on Similarweb.

Top pride events worldwide

Pride events in a city typically mean the city is supportive of its LGBTQ community, at least to a certain degree. Intuitively, cities that host Pride events see an influx of rainbow marketing and economic benefits.

As locals prepare for Pride they buy rainbow decorations, apparel, car accessories, in addition to party supplies like food and drinks. Not to mention, good Pride parades are internationally renowned so they attract loads of tourists, filling up hotels, restaurants, bars, and ultimately boosting the local economy.

Let’s look at some of the best-known Pride Parades worldwide, in no particular order.

  1. New York City – I’d be remiss if I didn’t kick off this list with the home of Pride. The Stonewall Inn was a NYC bar afterall. With 50+ Pride events and over 3 million attendees, New York Pride is one of a kind.
  2. San Francisco – Sticking to the U.S.A for now, I have to mention San Francisco, one of the oldest and largest pride events in the world. This party for equality goes on for 2-days straight (pun intended).
  3. Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv is known as the gay capital of the Middle East and hosts a week of pride events. With over 170,000 Israelis participating in the parade alone, you can imagine how big this event is. As an Israeli, I have to say, this is one of my favorites.
  4. Madrid – With about 2 million people expected to attend Madrid pride this year, the city plans to put on a week of colorful parties and attract tourists from around the world.
  5. Copenhagen – One of the most loved pride parades worldwide, Copenhagen hosts a week of LGBTQ events, which attracts millions of attendees each year.

How the internet is talking about Pride

You remember I’m an SEO Director, right? So, you’ll forgive me – I can’t help myself but show you the power of internet search terms.

We can make assumptions about how people talk about any topic by how they search for that topic online and by what type of information they’re looking for from that search. For example, for Mother’s Day in the U.S. we can assume people will search for some variation of “gifts for mom” whereas in the U.K. we’d expect “gifts for mum”. Get what I mean?

So, let’s take a look at what we can learn from this year’s Pride-related queries.

In general, the conversation online about Pride still seems to be aimed at the Ls and Gs in LGBTQ. However, with the diversity in flags and increased representation of smaller orientations, we may see these search trends change overtime to include more diverse language.

Top 10 pride related search terms in the world vs in the US

You are not alone: top pride searches and resources

Most popular searches about pride

Below are the top 50 searches people have Googled in relation to Pride from March – May 2022. As you can see, “Pride” has about 587,200 people searching for it alone. Next up, “pride month” can boast a whopping 438,810 searches. The terms “pride flag” and “pride flags” are not far behind at 317,270 searches and 194,550 searches, respectively.

The takeaway? There are a lot of people looking for more information about Pride month and LGBTQ topics. Even if you’re the only one in your city looking for more info, there are literally hundreds of thousands of other people looking too.

You are not alone in your search.

Keyword Volume
pride 587.2K
pride month 438.8K
pride flag 317.3K
pride flags 194.6K
when is pride month 75.5K
gay pride 75.5K
pride flags and names 39.1K
lesbian pride flag 34.3K
ikea pride couches 26.3K
all pride flags 24.2K
bi pride flag 21.1K
pride flag colors 21.1K
target pride collection 16.6K
pride colors 13.1K
pride week 11.7K
pride 2022 11.1K
lost ark forge of fallen pride 8.1K
lgbt pride 6.8K
bi pride 6.7K
gaypride 5.5K
pride pins 5.2K
pink green blue pride flag 5.K
queer pride flag 4.3K
pride flagg 4.K
pride flags chart 3.9K
all pride flags and names 3.6K
pride parade 2022 3.2K
all the pride flags 3.K
gay men pride flag 2.6K
pride car 2.5K
pride audio 2.5K
asexual pride 2.4K
pride car audio 2.3K
pride colors meaning 2.3K
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pride. 2.2K
pride flag chart 2.K
pride online 2.K
purple white green pride flag 2.K
pride solo mini 1.9K
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oslo pride 1.9K
disney pride collection 1.8K
pride quattro xl 1.7K
pride flag list 1.7K
pastel pride flag 1.7K
pride gifts 1.7K
pride flags list 1.6K
pride magazine 1.6K
pride nutcracker 1.5K
pride flag colours meaning 1.5K
pride diamond 8 1.4K
pride gear 1.4K
pride oslo 1.3K
list of pride flags 1.3K
pride mt 12 1.3K
pride flag colors meaning 1.2K
pride ally flag 1.2K
manchester pride 2021 spotify 1.2K
pride rocx 8.1 1.2K
pride wiki 1.2K
pride bikes 1.1K
pride quattro 1.1K
gay pride meme 970
pride rocx tour 960
green white blue orange flag pride 940
pride flag pastel 880
pride quattro plus 820
pride uno 810
anime pride 810
pride mt 15 770
pride flag generator 720
pridebikes 700
pride junior pro 12 690
pride lgbtq 690
pride w8 640
pride uno plus 590
pride rocx 580
pride t15v3 570
велосипед pride 520
pride harmony 6.5 520
pride news 520
велосипеды pride 510
pride onyx 12 500
pride.com 490
pride car audio russia 490
pride solo evo 480
pride lp 12 480
pride oslo 2022 470
oslo pride 2022 460
gaypride flag 460
green and purple pride flag 450
pride ruby voice 6.5 440
pride easy 6.5 420

Resources for youth


Youth.gov is a website that provides information and support to LGBTQ youth in the United States. Over the past month, youth.gov’s website had over 100,000 people visit it and 18% more people visited in May than did in April. And, this is not the only website that serves this community, so you can imagine how many kids are Googling and searching for these services.

Even if you’re the only kid in your town looking for LGBTQ resources there are at least 100,000 other people looking too.

You are not alone in your search.

Even if you’re the only kid in your town looking for LGBTQ resources there at least 100,000 other people looking too.

Resources for marriage & divorce

The “question” of legality of gay marriage, naturally brings up the topic of gay divorce. It’s not romantic to bring up marriage and divorce in the same breath. It’s also counter-intuitive for people to discuss gay divorce since the LGBTQ people are fighting so hard for the right to get married to begin with. But, just as love does not discriminate, neither do breakups.

This leads to a few things:

  1. In places where LGBTQ couples can’t legally get married, but have built a life together, the couple has all the same complications as a hetero divorce without the legal clarity. Who gets the house? How do you divide time with kids?
  2. As little representation as same-sex couples get in Hollywood, same-sex breakups get even less. This leads to it feeling taboo.

The search term “gay marriage” had upwards of 35,000 monthly searches, “same-sex marriage” had about 27,000 people searching it too. In contrast, the term “gay divorce” had 850 searches.

When I combined all the keywords related to LGBTQ marriage and divorce over the last three months, there are over 76,000.

Even if you’re the only one in your area looking for resources about LGBTQ marriage or divorce there are at least 76,000 other people looking too.

You are not alone in your search.

Even if you’re the only one in your area looking for resources about LGBTQ marriage or divorce there are at least 76,000 other people looking too.

What did I learn from Pride 2022?

What began as a riot has turned into an internationally recognized movement. It’s important to remember how Pride has developed over the years in order to help us guide it forward.

So, I’ll end similarly to how I began: the internet is a reflection of what’s happening in the world around us. And the world is changing, but there is still more change needed. I hope I’ve shown you the data behind the online trends and behavior surrounding Pride- and my key message is this: even if you’re in a town that doesn’t have an LGBTQ community, Similarweb data proves that trends are evolving and you are not alone.

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