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If Analysts Were Athletes, This Is How They’d Win

by Ruth Trucks , Senior Marketing Writer 4 Min.
May 16, 2022 | Updated June 21, 2022

Researching digital data can be like mind acrobatics. You need to bend over backward to dig up the precise data that generate the insights for your reports.

But some researchers master their tasks with the elegance of an Olympic gymnast. How do they do it?

We found Nicole, who delivered a perfect 10-routine at the leadership meeting, to be a perfect example.

As part of our winner series, Nicole reveals some of her secrets and describes how she manages to present outstanding numbers time after time.

Nicole, the digital research analyst at work.

Nicole on a regular day at the office (really?)

Get into a winning routine

We caught Nicole right after she finished presenting to the board. Her performance was widely applauded and earned her the highest score so far. We’re not surprised; Nicole has had a fantastic gymnastics season.

We wanted to know what her secret is and asked the research specialist to share her success formula. To our surprise, Nicole said it was no secret at all, and she was happy to walk us through how she put her pitch together. We discovered simple routines that everyone can follow.

“I use Similarweb Digital Research Intelligence,” said the research athlete. “The platform offers an array of web measuring and monitoring tools, one of them designed for market, audience, and company research. Every industry research routine starts with an overview of the type of research data required for various types of reports.”

Nicole can conduct an all-inclusive web industry analysis, or she can run audience-based research and analyze search intent. A third option is app category analysis. For some competitions, Nicole also inspects specific rivaling companies under company research.

Discover and leverage your potential

“In my recent routine, I needed to show there’s a potential market for a new feature release,” Nicole tells us. “For this, I went for the industry research routine because it delivers the necessary data on market share, market growth, market trends, and the audience. With a single click, I can identify the market leader and then dive into the details on where they get traffic from, how they market, and to whom”.

We’ve seen her exercise, when Nicole opened by showing the industry’s overall growth. From there, she managed an effortless transition to executing a breakdown of market share distributed among the top companies in her industry.

Screenshot of industry trends view with market share breakdown

Industry trends view with market share breakdown.

Get the management to applaud and buy in

But that was the easy part of Nicole’s pitch. “How were you able to find the convincing arguments to get your leadership’s buy-in?” We asked. Nicole smiled.

“Actually, it wasn’t as difficult as I expected.” She admits and explains to us how she used Similarweb audience research features to learn about her competitors’ audience demographics, behavior, and loyalty. She discovered that several leading companies share her audience and that large parts of the competitor’s loyal audience also frequently visit rivaling sites.

Nicole understood that it would be easy to reach the target audience for the new feature because they overlap with the current actual audience. Also, behavior shows that the target audience is interested in comparing and finding new offers.

“I chose to present the audience overlap in my pitch. My management is always impressed by the benchmarking capabilities and it’s visually very appealing”.

Screenshot of audience overlap on Similarweb

Simple audience overlap view

Be persistent and exercise

We thank Nicole for sharing the exclusive insights. We have a feeling that Nicole will continue to impress us and her management with research routines that build on Similarweb data.

The platform enables her to turn web data into the actionable insights she needs to win. Nicole believes that winning can become a routine, but you need to put in consistent work, a bit of creativity, and a lot of persistence.

Digital athletes win the game

Digital businesses and sports have one thing in common: it’s all about beating the competition. Tweet this

When that happens, digital marketers become growth gurus and sales reps win the market with data-driven insights into their competition. Amazon sellers strive thanks to the availability of data on competitor and audience behavior. And for them, every single sale – and the data that enabled it – is a reason to celebrate.

However, in the background, it’s the analyst who moves the pieces.

Other business units often seem to get the glory, but your accomplishments form the backbone of every digital business strategy. The data and insights you present fuel business continuity and growth.

Each piece of information you discover about competitors can help build your company’s growth strategy and drive it towards success. Those are your winning moments. Make them count.

Present your data like a winner because data empowers winners. You do like to win, don’t you?

Get Into a Winning Routine

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