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Next Generation of Similarweb: The Better, Faster, Easier Way to Grow Your Digital Business

by Or Offer , Founder and CEO 7 Min.
November 12, 2020 | Updated July 13, 2022

Today, we’re announcing the next generation of Similarweb, an exciting step toward significantly enhancing the way companies win in the new digital reality. Our new product enhancements provide digital marketers and researchers with the opportunity to boost their strategy and digital presence to new heights by giving them access to advanced tools that will change the way competitive intelligence works. 

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made at Similarweb, by working with the industry’s top leaders to identify the unique challenges facing the digital world. With the unforeseen obstacles 2020 has brought to all of us, Similarweb has remained laser-focused on innovating a 360-degree, all-inclusive digital intelligence platform. Today, we’re launching something that will set your business up for success in all situations that may come your way. 

Similarweb shines a light on the digital world – so you can be more efficient in setting your strategy and capturing market share.


We don’t have to tell you that the challenges you face as a digital business are unique. Promoting products, services, and content is a whole new ballgame compared to the physical world. Competition is vast and global – these days, even more so than before. There are truly no borders in the online world. The market changes constantly and quickly, and anyone can join the game at any time (and get out just as quickly).

Ultimately, the internet is a big black box. Business leaders can use direct measurement tools like Google Analytics to measure their own growth but are still flying blind because they can’t see if their performance is good or bad in relation to direct competitors and the industry as a whole. While a clear market leader or emerging player may be present, there is no visibility into the digital marketing strategies and tactics that have driven that growth. This makes it nearly impossible to build a truly successful plan.

We created the next generation of Similarweb with digital marketers and researchers in mind. 

Tools for advanced Digital Marketing Intelligence

Tools for advanced digital marketing intelligence

Digital marketing professionals struggle to grow traffic to their sites significantly and to use their marketing budgets efficiently. Why? Because they lack the data that matters. Marketers consistently analyze their own direct measurement analytics to understand how their website is performing but are lacking tools to gain actionable insight into the results, marketing channels, and tactics that their competitors use to acquire traffic. This competitive intelligence is critical in formulating an effective SEO and content strategy, affiliate programs, display ads strategy, and more due to the competition to reach and engage with the same audience. 

Advanced market research and competitive intelligence tools

Advanced market and research competitive intelligence tools

Market research specialists struggle to gain context within the market and set a competitive digital strategy. In addition to their regular reporting of their own performance, they need reporting on their market share to guide and validate their initiatives. Strategists need to perform company teardowns of competitors or market leaders to collect best practices. Audience developers or consumer insights leaders need to understand where their audience spends time online outside of their digital properties, who their competitors’ audiences are to improve content and target to reach them better. 

We’ve heard these struggles time and time again. We’ve come so far in the digital age that it’s time for transparency and access to advanced digital research tools to help you be more efficient when building a winning strategy to capture new audiences and more market share.

The path to our new solutions

Our goal at Similarweb has always been to empower business professionals to confidently set digital strategies in virtually all facets of the organization. This includes benchmarking performance against your peers, uncovering new opportunities and threats in the market, and learning from competitors’ marketing tactics to outpace them and grow your market share. We believe that information is true power. The more you know about the competition, your market, and your digital space, the more your digital strategy will gain.

In February 2019, we launched dedicated capabilities for specific customer needs. These included streamlined access to critical marketing metrics and alerts, including Workspaces, Website Segment Analysis, and the Keyword Generator. The reception we received from our customers was fantastic. We decided to double down on a use case orientation in our product to create the next generation of our Solutions. 

Our new advanced interface will help your business in three ways:

  • Increase revenue
  • Mitigate risk 
  • Save time & better utilize resources 

By having access to in-depth, data-driven analytics, you’ll be able to grow your business and therefore increase revenue by having a wealth of information at your fingertips guiding you to successful business growth. You’ll mitigate risk by making decisions based on the right data. No more guessing about the best SEO tactics, which content works, or what your competitors are doing to bring in traffic. Lastly, you’ll save time (and therefore valuable money!) by quickly finding actionable insights and improving resource efficiency. 

Let’s dive into the specifics of what makes our new solutions so unique.

Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence Solution

As digital marketers, your goal is to bring in the most relevant traffic. You want, and need, as much information about your competitors’ strategies, in order to finetune your efforts to bring in your own new customers as efficiently as possible. With advanced data analytics, we provide the ability to uncover new insights on competitive performance per marketing channel, allowing you to optimize your overall user acquisition strategy. Similarweb is the only platform providing you with the data freshness, granularity, and accuracy of real user behavior, which is critical in discovering new traffic growth opportunities. 

Why is all of this so important? The digital world is constantly changing, and you need to keep up (and stay ahead) in order to rocketship your business into the future. Our Digital Marketing Intelligence solution allows you to acquire more customers by improving your ROAS (return on ad spend), reducing your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), and capturing the attention of consumers already interested in your product. You can do this by identifying the best-performing channels to send traffic to and focus your marketing spend. Did you know that currently 86% of business leaders are experiencing rising CAC, and 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge? We’re here to make sure you aren’t part of those statistics. 

Marketing is all about planning and strategy. With the most advanced data technology, you’ll be able to de-risk digital innovation and strategic planning. You’ll optimize your marketing spend, resulting in greater ROI. You’ll also be able to identify growth opportunities in real-time. This is significant when everyone is trying to stay ahead and win the digital race. You’ll also be able to increase traffic per keyword, affiliate, publisher, ad network, display ad, video – and overall traffic share. Essentially, we’re giving you a massive advantage.

Our favorite new features for digital marketers:

  • Competitive Analysis Tool: Discover growth opportunities and increase traffic share based on your competitors’ effective organic and paid acquisition activities 
  • Keyword Research Tool: Uncover new and trending keywords generating traffic to your industry and prioritize your research based on search volume, actual click rates, paid vs. organic clicks, competition, and more
  • Referral Sources Discovery: Find new partners & qualify existing partners by analyzing their incoming traffic by channel, user engagement, audience interests, and overall performance
  • Media & Creative Research Tool: Reveal your competitors search ads, PLAs, Display & Video Ads for any time period that you desire and see which publishers and ad networks your competitors are using to target new audiences
PLAs, Display & Video Ads performance research tools

Reveal your competitors search ads, PLAs, Display & Video Ads for any time period

Similarweb Research Intelligence Solution

Our new Research Intelligence solution provides business leaders, market researchers, and data analysts with a complete view of the digital world so they can set a digital strategy and therefore grow their business. We are the leaders in discovering market trends, uncovering competitors’ strategies, and tracking audience behavior.

Here at Similarweb, we are experts at predicting the digital world and transforming it into easy, real-time insights to react to market dynamics and create a winning strategy. We’re eliminating the guesswork from your competitive analysis and giving you access to the research data that matters.

We’re providing you with a true opportunity to boost your digital research and presence with a tool that will allow you to get straight into the mind of your competitors. It almost feels like an unfair advantage.

You’ll have continuous monitoring and reporting of your market: share, trends, and emerging opportunities and threats; the ability to benchmark market share, digital growth, and performance against any industry or company. You’ll be able to find untapped opportunities, which can be a goldmine in building a new strategy and will give you the chance to find new audiences and increase the relevance of content for existing audiences. We’ll give you the chance to analyze any competitor’s digital performance and strategies, allowing you to accelerate existing strategies. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll improve business efficiency with better utilization of resources and be able to set targets that are in line with industry benchmarks. 

Our favorite new features for market researchers:

  • Benchmarking Tool: Accelerate your new digital strategy and learn how you stack up against the competition and market leaders
  • Market Research Tool: Analyze market trends in near-real time so that you can take action when it matters most, not a quarter later
  • Company Research: Take a closer look at any company’s digital performance and expose your competitor’s digital strategies
  • Audience Behavioral Data: Engage more deeply with your audience, explore new audience segments and expand your reach
  • Customer Journey Analytics: Understand your customers and explore bottom-of-the-funnel metrics to discover what makes them convert
benchmark competitors website visits over time

Take a closer look at any company’s digital performance and expose your competitor’s digital strategies

We’ve hosted an exclusive webinar where the leadership team and myself talked about the company’s mission, the main changes we’re bringing forth with the next generation of Similarweb, how LendingTree uses Similarweb, and more. Our webinar was broadcast live on November 11th. In case you missed it, you can fill in your details below to download some highlights.

What our customers are saying

The future of Similarweb

Today, Similarweb is starting a digital transformation. We’re taking a step towards the future by bringing new, advanced tools that will change how you strategize and become market leaders.

Our goal is clear: to help companies efficiently create strategies to grab market share and win big in the digital world. Similarweb’s next generation is the product of a deep understanding of digital marketers’ and researchers’ needs and desires. Now’s the time to get ahead of the trends and leave your competitors behind. 

Join us on this journey!  

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