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What’s Next for the Industry? Discover the Latest Trends in Marketing Intelligence

January 28, 2020 | Updated June 22, 2022

Getting people to engage with your website is always a challenging task. From understanding where audiences spend time to which content and messaging will resonate with them the most – you need to constantly pivot and shift your game plan in order to meet the demand.

With big players getting bigger and bigger, and new emerging players popping up all over the place, brands are finding it harder than ever to stand out and connect with consumers.

As a leading market intelligence company, we analyze digital behavior on a daily basis in order to understand the winners and losers in practically every industry, as well as uncover their marketing strategies.

This year, we did something new: we asked you, our customers and followers to tell us which acquisition channels you find the most challenging and how you are planning to tackle them in 2020.

The response was amazing: 600 marketing professionals shared their thoughts and plans with us, and one lucky marketer won a $150 Amazon Gift Card.

And, we’ve turned your responses into a report which covers:

  1. Where marketers are going to double down their spending this year
  2. What are their most challenging marketing channels
  3. Latest trends and challenges in search and content 
  4. How companies are utilizing influencers, social media and, affiliates in their marketing efforts


Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside the report

Customer experience and brand loyalty is the #1 challenge for marketers

The Report is Out: Read State of Marketing Intelligence Report

Their #1 KPI is conversion rates

The Report is Out: Read State of Marketing Intelligence Report

Instagram is the most important channel for Influencer marketing

The Report is Out: Read State of Marketing Intelligence Report


Let us know what you think! We’d love to get your feedback on the report.


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