How to Prospect Like a Boss and Win Like a Champion.
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How to Prospect Like a Boss and Win Like a Champion

by Ruth Trucks , Senior Marketing Writer 5 Min.
May 9, 2022 | Updated October 11, 2022

Are you a sports lover? And a regular on this blog? Then you’ve been keeping up with our exclusive news flash on the daily digital marketing competitions from offices around the world.

Remember Tim, who scored for the SEO basketball team, and Sophie, the agency’s top tennis player? We tore into their strategies to understand how they beat the competition to become growth gurus.

This week we put the spotlight on sales teams and their winning moments. These sales champions came in as outsiders and won their game – big time. We’ll show you how they did it and what tools they used.

Knock out the competition with data-driven insights

Our first run-down begins at the boxing ring. In the midst of a roaring crowd, Ryan desperately tries to maintain a positive attitude. He’s clearly the underdog in this match. None of his prospects have responded to his outreach. Unless he changes his tactic, it looks bad for the sales rep boxer.

But don’t write him off as a lame duck just yet. Ryan is known for his bodywork and has been preparing for below-the-belt blows. Let’s see what the next round brings.

Screenshot of Similarweb solutions overview.

What an opening! Ryan swings Similarweb to turn the odds around. It’s the only sales intelligence platform that can provide him with the insights he needs to beat the sales quota. Now the question is: How is he going to use it, and will it be powerful enough to make him a winner?

The fighter goes all-in with the insights generator. With this, he can dig into his prospects’ data in a competitive context. He investigates traffic, growth, and engagement to see how they’re doing in their immediate market environment.

Screenshots from Similarweb Insights Generator.

Insights generated by Similarweb Insights Generator.

The tool identifies the prospect’s market position for various metrics such as bounce rate, page visits, and total monthly visits. It also calculates his prospects’ opportunities or shortcomings. This is critical information Ryan can use in his next move.

Know where the prospects’ trouble is hidden

Ryan knows that muscle power alone won’t get him to the top. He needs to act smart and use data wisely.

So, what makes this data invaluable to Ryan’s fighting strategy? He found the prospect’s precise pain point for which his company has a solution. Here’s our explanation.

Ryan’s company offers payment solutions for eCommerce sites. On the Similarweb Digital Intelligence platform, he ran the insights generator for a company he’s targeting. In the engagement section, he discovered that its page views count is lower than average. Bam! Ryan’s company’s consolidated checkout method can fix the issue.

Ryan’s winning pose.

Ryan scoring winning points with his prospect.

The fighter made good points and has a chance to come out on top. As he readies himself for the next round, we get the feeling he’s going for a knock-out.

With just one more click, the insights reach the prospect’s email box and – yes! We have a winner. The prospect is interested.

This may be a small step, but that’s what big wins are made of. With each winning step, Ryan delivers a blow to the competition that will eventually knock them down, one by one.

Get more high-quality leads with fewer strikes

Our next contestant is defending his title as industry golf champion. However, lately, Jordan’s sales team has had little success in generating leads, resulting in a higher handicap.

As Jordan walks out onto the green, he measures the distance to the hole with his eyes. He needs to reach it with as few strikes as possible.

He knows, in lead generation, he can’t randomly keep hitting at potential prospects. He needs to focus on the most likely to convert, without wasting resources. If he gets hung up on sending endless cold emails, his energy and motivation will quickly dwindle, and he’ll lose focus.

In Similarweb Sales Intelligence, Jordan finds companies that match his customer profile. He can search by company, industry leaders, topic leaders, or competitor’s customers.

Screenshot of ‘Find new leads” options on Similarweb sales intelligence.

Similarwebs Lead Finder.

Jordan goes for four strikes (clicks): 1 – customer, 2 – company search, 3 – select website, and 4 – define type and industry.

This brings him close to his goal. Under traffic and engagement, he sets customer behavior criteria. Then, he gets very specific by filtering according to parameters like relevant engagement metrics.

Jordan is determined to get it right in one shot, so he needs to focus on choosing the best suiting options among the many possibilities.

Screenshot of filtering options for finding leads by competitors’ customers.

Filtering options on Similarwebs lead generator.

For example, he can filter companies according to their monthly unique visitors or number of page views. Or, he can filter companies that gain ground in a particular metric, specify the traffic channel and the audience demographics, and much more.

Jordan examines annual revenue and limits the selection. He creates a detailed profile to find businesses that target the exact same audience and see where they get their traffic from, and who the referring sites are.

Jordan’s moment of glory.

Jordan succeeds in providing new leads in record time.

He might not be the one who closes the sales, but it’s his prospecting that lowers the handicap and enhances business growth.

Collect data points, plan your game, win the fight

Stay tuned for the next episode of winning moments on the Similarweb insights blog. Upcoming events are gymnastics for researchers and soccer for eCommerce. You don’t want to miss those.

In the meantime, keep exercising and flexing those digital muscles. You too can experience awesome winning moments with Similarweb Digital Intelligence platform. Get started for free right now.

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