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July 1, 2018 | Updated August 2, 2022

Similarweb is exhibiting again this September at DMEXCO in Cologne. Similarweb’s market intelligence solutions are closely aligned with DMEXCO’s vision:

… enabling businesses at all levels to think globally, act locally and drive real market value…

This year, DMEXCO has adopted the motto “Take C.A.R.E.” to represent its conference and expo where the letters stand for:

  • Curiosity
  • Action
  • Responsibility
  • Experience

Each of these values resonates with Similarweb and the digital insights generated for marketing executives, sales personnel, researchers and investors.


Digital marketing excellence demands Curiosity. The more you can find out about your competitors and your own performance relative to theirs, the better you are able to define and execute your optimal marketing strategy. And then measure results in a shifting marketplace. And then iterate.

Similarweb’s Quarterly Indexes offer a top-down look at key industries in relevant countries, highlighting stand-out performers and identifying areas for improvement with insights that have value across categories and geographies.

The recent US Quarterly Index for Q2 2018 attempted to satisfy Curiosity with a range of metrics including desktop vs. mobile traffic, traffic sources, search highlights, and more.


Understanding your market and your place in it is just part of the puzzle. Knowing how to take Action and respond to changes is key. There are so many external forces that influence the performance of your brand such that a change in any one of them may require a rapid and significant course correction.

When Facebook revealed that it was changing its algorithm on its site, Similarweb provided insights on the content publishers most likely to be impacted. Sites that were overly dependent on traffic from the social network become vulnerable overnight.

In Q1 2017 time.com saw a quarter of all its desktop traffic come from social media sites, of which Facebook accounted for 61%. As Facebook started to close off that faucet, time.com was forced to take swift action to maintain overall numbers to its site. In Q1 2018 the proportion of social media traffic to time.com had been reduced to 13%, mostly as a result of the algorithm change. In the same period, time.com had taken Action to promote its SEO activities increasing traffic from organic search by 21.5% relative to the first quarter of 2017.


A digital business has many dimensions and every brand needs to take Responsibility for its presence whether on owned properties or on third-party environments. Many luxury brands today are learning to both partner and compete with the biggest online retailers in the world.

Similarweb’s recent whitepaper, Partner and Compete – How Nike and adidas are Running to Keep Up with Online Giants, looks at two of the best-known Sports Apparel brands in the world to understand how they optimize the customer experience on their own sites while also serving the massive amount of on-site search than only begins after shoppers arrive at amazon.com.

Understanding that customers shop around and how this affects conversion rates on different properties is vital for brands determined to take Responsibility for optimizing sales across multiple sites.


Tracking the Experience of consumers when they visit your property or a competitor’s reveals important insights about the engagement level your site is able to generate. Benchmarking your strengths and weaknesses relative to your closest rival and the overall category can be a valuable marker.

Following the recent suggestion that Saas platform SurveyMonkey was moving towards an IPO, Similarweb took a look at how the company was positioned as a guide for potential investors. Engagement stats for the site, taking in metric such as time spent on site per visit, pages viewed per visit and bounce rate, revealed a healthy picture of a the customer Experience at SurveyMonkey relative to companies operating in the same space.

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