New Brand, Same Vision. Meet the New Similarweb!

by Or Offer , Founder and CEO 2 Min.
April 6, 2021 | Updated August 2, 2022

The world has changed a lot over the last year. It’s been full of swift transitions, global evolution, and personal introspection. At Similarweb, we’re changing too. Digital is now the most important driver of growth and profitability for just about every business. We’re proud to say that our product is more powerful than ever before in a time where we are all taking one giant digital leap forward. 

And with this new world comes a fresh new look for us at Similarweb.

Introducing the new Similarweb. Nice to meet you! 

With the same great data, you can now enjoy a state-of-the-art brand to match. We’ve updated our logo, typeface, colors, and imagery with photography and some really cool illustrations. We’ve also transformed from SimilarWeb to Similarweb. That’s a big one for those of us working hard to type that “W” all these years. 

New Similarweb Website

Still the same ol’ us

With all the talk about what’s changing, here’s what’s staying the same: our driving purpose to deliver the most intelligent, comprehensive, and detailed view of the digital world. Our team is dedicated to help better equip any brand but win, in their most valuable markets. If you’re looking for an expert partner to help you guide strategy backed by serious data, we’re here for you. We’re just wearing a fresh coat of paint. 

Sure, this rebranding is about our look. But it’s meaningful, too. We’re looking forward and we’re ready to set trends as the official measure of the digital world. 

Our community is growing, and so are the opportunities to amplify their voices. That’s why we sincerely thank you for celebrating this milestone with us.

Test yourself: Are you on top of the latest digital trends?

We might be data nerds, but we know how to have fun. That’s why we’re commemorating the rebrand with this quiz. So you think you know what’s trending online? Prove it in just 10 questions!

Test Yourself: Are You on Top of the Latest Digital Trends?


Check out the Similarweb website and let us know how you like the new look. We’re glad you’re part of the Similarweb community. Here’s to another amazing year of data and insights.

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