Similarweb Year in Review 2021

Year in Review 2021: Change Is A Challenge We Meet Head-On, Together

by Or Offer , Founder and CEO 2 Min.
February 1, 2022 | Updated October 11, 2022

In business, we’re faced with an unfair challenge: the goalposts move. Constantly. Because the world around us changes, every day. New technologies emerge as old ones fade away, brands rise and others fail.

Aiming at a moving target can be frustrating – but it’s also an opportunity. Because, for the first time, the potential for growth is limitless. And all companies, in every industry, are aiming to grow. Digital has turbocharged that opportunity, accelerated its scope and scale, and removed borders.

That’s why we’re constantly evolving the Similarweb platform. To enable growth gurus (like you) to unlock digital opportunities and win in your market.

Our focus? Customer-focus

While we’re always improving Similarweb, we’re not working blind. Because we talk to you, our customers, to discover what you need to succeed. We find out about your challenges, and devise creative, data-driven ways to solve them.

“’Similarweb has been instrumental in accelerating our client acquisition pipeline. We’ve closed upwards of $200k in new business with the help of insights delivered by Similarweb. We’ll continue to use the tool to help our clients go beyond search keywords, by helping them understand their competitors’ overall digital marketing strategy so they can achieve success in 2022.’
Steve Wiideman, President, Wiideman Group

Every time we release a new tool, update a feature, or tweak an algorithm, we have one goal: to improve your workflow and drive your business growth. And, spoilers, we make a lot of changes to the way Similarweb works.

Last year, we released over 100 new features and enhancements, each born from conversations with you.

Positioning you for the win

As Similarwebbers, we like to start each year by taking a step back to reflect on what we’ve done, and decide how we’re going to do it even better this time around.

Similarweb has been pivotal in our success, given the market has grown exponentially since 2020. It has helped us identify ad inventory insights for efficient user acquisition strategies. We plan to leverage ad creative data from Similarweb going forward to benchmark against industry leaders and fine-tune our strategy.
Shakti Vachhani, Business Intelligence Analyst, Spigot

Our goal is always to surpass last year’s achievements. That’s part of our commitment to provide you with a platform that moves with the times, and continually update our product to deliver the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

See how Similarweb evolved last year

Want to see how much really changed in the last year? Then check out Similarweb’s Year in Review 2021, and see all the improvements we’ve made to the platform to help our amazing customers excel.

Here’s to the year ahead, the challenges that await, and to meeting them head-on, together.

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