Introducing the Top Organic Pages Tool
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Introducing the Top Organic Pages Tool

by Kyle Weeks , Senior Product Marketing Manager, Similarweb 2 Min.
February 10, 2021 | Updated August 2, 2022

Similarweb’s Top Organic Pages tool shows you the most popular organic landing pages for any website – including your biggest competitors. Now you can dig into the performance of individual pages, examining their traffic share and traffic trends. 

Want more insights into a company’s keyword strategy? See which keywords are bringing in the most traffic per page and how many keywords are on that page.

What it feels like

This tool feels like having x-ray vision, giving you a direct view of your competitors’ content strategy. 


We built the Top Organic Pages, so you can reverse engineer any website’s organic search strategy by (1) understanding which pages are bringing in the most organic traffic and then (2) analyzing why that content is performing so well. 

We’ve also included these helpful filters for refining page results:

  • Newly Discovered: Spot new pages beginning to gain organic traffic.
  • Trending: Recognize trending pages showing steady growth.

How it works

The Top Organic Pages tool can be found in Digital Marketing > Competitive Analysis > Search > Top Organic Pages

1. First, enter the website you’d like to analyze.

Digital Marketing Page on Similarweb

2. Next, navigate to Top Organic Pages.

The Points Guy Page on Similarweb

3. Finally, analyze the results. (Then, add “Newly Discovered” or “Trending” filters for a more complete picture).

Top Organic Pages on Similarweb

Ready to get competitive page-level insights? Try Top Organic Pages now.

To learn more, see Top Organic Pages

This post is subject to Similarweb legal notices and disclaimers

This post is subject to Similarweb legal notices and disclaimers.

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