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September 23, 2013 | Updated August 3, 2022

We launched Similarweb in January, and the response from over one million users who have enjoyed our platform since then has been truly overwhelming. Our ambition was huge – to create the best web traffic analysis tool for online marketing professionals to measure competitor activity, benchmark traffic against competing sites, and discover new business opportunities with intelligence that will help them build their site traffic.

However, you have asked us for more insights. So we decided to create Similarweb’s Research Intelligence tools, a new online competitive intelligence platform to bring you all the insights necessary to get in-depth analytics on your competitors’ web traffic – helping you understand the strategies and tactics behind your competitors’ marketing campaigns as well as their on-site performance. In a way, we see Similarweb’s Research Intelligence as the key to unlocking competitor analytics so you can see what works for them, what doesn’t, and most importantly what could be working for you! Because every marketing decision (and dollar) counts, Similarweb can help you take the shots with confidence.

Similarweb gives me all I need. Why do I need Similarweb’s Research Intelligence?

That’s what you think! Until you see some of the stuff we’ve been cooking up. The depth of data on Similarweb is unprecedented and it is designed to help you discover sources of traffic you simply can’t miss – new affiliates, advertising networks, keywords, publishers, and other invaluable opportunities which will give you the competitive edge.

This sounds a bit complicated. Do I need a Ph.D. in astrophysics to use Similarweb?

Similarweb Research Intelligence is Similarweb’s big brother. Their shared DNA means that beauty and simplicity are at the heart of both platforms. Our product team has worked tirelessly alongside online marketing professionals to ensure Similarweb is intuitive, fast, and delivers clear insights from the moment you start using it. We are proud to have the best data scientists and analytics architects in the World – they are the ones taking care of the complex algorithms and big data puzzles so you can simply get the insights needed when you need them.

Is it really that great? Show me the goods!

Here’s a quick glimpse into some of the competitive insights you can get with Similarweb PRO. I’ve chosen tiffany.com as the example site to showcase some of our new platform capabilities and see what type of marketing gems you can discover.

1. Competitor Benchmarking

Understanding how you measure against the competition is crucial for any business. Similarweb enables you to compare web traffic for up to 5 competing sites, helping you understand their respective share of voice, traffic growth over the past 12 months – both at a website or subdomain level (comparing all their traffic) and for each specific traffic source – a useful tool to identify peaks related to specific campaigns (i.e. a seasonal display, search or email campaign).


Comparison of Site Visits, Share of Voice, and Visitor Engagement with Similarweb PRO

2. Geographic Breakdown

For companies with the ambition to go global, it’s always a challenge to identify the new markets with the biggest potential. That’s what Similarweb provides a full breakdown of web traffic by country. What’s more, it will also show you the fastest rising countries and how engagement levels vary between them. This feature will also help you decide if you should start taking lessons in Mandarin or French…


Website traffic breakdown by country, where you can analyze fastest-growing regions as well as compare visitor engagement between countries.

3. Referrals

We show you the Top 10 biggest referring sites on Similarweb. Here you can see all of them to make sure there are no stones left unturned and you really get to know which are the most valuable partnerships that your competitors are building with affiliates, bloggers, journalists, or other websites. With Similarweb PRO, you’ll be able to see inbound and outbound links to/from any site so you can not only find new affiliates and partners but also see how you stack up to your competitors on affiliate sites – are they sending more traffic to your competitors?


View which websites are more effective to deliver traffic to your competitor’s sites.

4. Search

Keywords, keywords, and more keywords. All of them for you to slice and dice the results for better SEO and PPC campaigns. Similarweb enables you to segment keyword results by the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc), paid keywords, organic keywords, non-branded keywords, grouped keywords, and more. It truly is an endless source of insights into the search habits of your competitor’s audience and their PPC.  In addition, our search intelligence doesn’t suffer from ‘not provided’ keywords which you might see on your site analytics package – with Similarweb’s Research Intelligence you’ll get all keywords to see the full picture.


See all the paid and organic keywords your competitors are buying and ranking for.

5. Social

Tweets, retweets, shares, pins, likes… too many interactions, too hard to make sense of it all! Worry not, with Similarweb you can see a breakdown of web traffic coming from each social network to understand where the social strengths of your competitors lie. You can also dig deeper into the most influential interactions on each social network which are fueling the buzz and bringing more visitors to a site. As simple as that.


Get the breakdown of social traffic by network and discover which are the key links generating all the buzz.

6. Display Advertising Insights

Find out all the display advertising secrets for a website. This section shows you the full list of publishers who are sending advertising traffic, which ad networks are used to deliver the campaigns and what the ads look like. What’s more, you’ll be able to review their latest image ads, text ads, and flash ads. Discover the best-performing ad networks, publishers, and creative work to improve your own display campaigns.


See which websites your competitors are using for their display campaigns, review their banner creative and get a breakdown of their display advertising by ad network.

7. Popular Pages

This is Similarweb’s ‘holy grail’- a tool for marketers to analyze which are the most popular pages and folders on competitor websites. Unveil their best-selling products, categories, and top-performing landing pages. What’s more, this feature will give you insights into the conversion funnel of other websites, a powerful tool to improve your own. This feature is currently available to enterprise clients exclusively.


Discover your competitors’ popular pages and folders ranked by traffic to see the content which is a hit with their users.

Looks great, but is it really for me?

If you’ve read this far into the post, it probably is. We have found that very often, online professionals have huge amounts of information about their own site traffic yet often lack data when it comes to competitors – something there’s a huge appetite for to make better and more informed marketing decisions. If you’re spending a big chunk of your day trying to figure out how to grow your site traffic and improve the performance of your business online.

So…how much is this going to cost me?

Online competitive intelligence used to be an unattainable luxury that only a few could afford. We didn’t like that – the world has moved on and we want to democratize online competitive insights. With packages starting at $99 per month, we are making Similarweb accessible to any small business, agency, site owner, consultant, or freelancer.

Still not sure? You can get a demo of Similarweb Platform. No commitment, no hassle. So just enjoy it, make the most of it and let me know what you think. Your feedback is invaluable to help us shape a bunch of exciting new features we’re working on.

Now it’s time for you to get started and Love Your Competitors.


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