Nail Your Fulfillment Strategy with 2 New Data Sets – April Update

Nail Your Fulfillment Strategy with 2 New Data Sets – April Update

by Anat Avshalom , Senior Product Marketing Manager at Similarweb 2 Min.
April 28, 2022 | Updated August 3, 2022

Looking to optimize your fulfillment strategy?

Getting your hands on retail fulfillment data is tough. Most retailers share limited information with brands – and they certainly don’t publish any data externally for their competitors to see.

That’s where our unique new releases come in: Click & Collect rates on and Autoship rates on

Read on to learn more.

1. Walmart’s Click & Collect data

Optimize your fulfillment strategy in every category with in-store pickup rates.

Being able to shop online and pick up your order in-store (Click & Collect) is a great option for consumers. It lowers the total price, eliminates the need to wait for delivery, and provides shoppers with the chance to pick up their order on-the-go (and even grab items they forgot to order).

But in-store pickup presents many challenges to retailers and brands – from new fulfillment strategies, through inventory shifts, down to lack of visibility on consumer preferences that influence decision making.

Thanks to our unique methodology, Similarweb Shopper Intelligence now offers Click & Collect shares for every category and brand on

With this unique data set, you can:

  • Identify successful fulfillment strategies by benchmarking your Click & Collect performance against the category and specific competitors.
  • Fine-tune brand activation strategies based on real-time shifts in consumer delivery preferences.
  • Resolve performance issues by identifying lags in specific fulfillment channels and shifting inventory accordingly.
Walmart Click and Collect data - Shopper Intelligence

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Explore Click & Collect

2. Chewy Autoship

Optimize your subscription strategy on Chewy.

Similar to Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, Chewy Autoship is an easy way for customers to set up repeat Chewy deliveries and save on items they buy regularly.

To maximize sales, brands selling on Chewy need to decide which product will be available through the program and what discount customers get when subscribing to automatic deliveries. To do that, brands need to understand consumer preferences – which categories have the highest Autoship rates? What brands have a successful subscription strategy, and how do they accomplish that?

To help answer these questions (and many more), we’ve added Chewy Autoship rates for every category and brand on 

With our new Chewy Autoship insights, you can:

  • Analyze Autoship’s impact on category sales.
  • Evaluate your own subscriptions’ revenue potential based on competitors’ performance.
  • Estimate how many new customers you’re losing to Chewy Autoship because they’re no longer searching in your category.
Autoship vs. One-Time Purchaces - Chewy

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Analyze Autoship Rates

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