New Countries- App Enagement Metrics

New Countries in App Engagement

February 3, 2016 | Updated August 2, 2022

Similarweb is proud to announce that we have added 10 new countries to our app engagement metrics, further enhancing the scope of our online digital insights.
These new countries are: Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates.
In these countries, our data can show several engagement metrics as well as other vital information such as ‘Audience Interests’- apps used more than average by users who also use the selected app, ‘Usage Patterns‘- what time people use the selected app, and ‘Retention’- showing how loyal users are to a selected app.
For an overview of these countries, Similarweb data was used to compare two top messaging appsWhatsApp and Messenger. These two apps were compared based on ‘Current Installs’- the percent of Android devices that have the app installed on them. In this case, the data reflects each country for the month of December 2015. Find out more about Similarweb’s app engagement metrics by contacting us here.
Whatsapp Vs Messenger Installs worldwide

 The country with the highest rate of installs for WhatsApp is Israel with 90% of Android’s. Close behind is the U.A.E. where 89% of Android devices have WhatsApp installed. Japan is the country with the least amount of WhatsApp installs, at only 3% of Androids have the app. After Japan, Android users in the Philippines have the second fewest % of Whatsapp with only 10% having the app.Philippines, though, is the top app when it comes to % installs for Messenger, with the U.A.E. narrowly beating out Hungary and Portugal for second place. Ukraine is the country with the lowest installs of Messenger, at only 16%, though WhatsApp also has a low rate of installs in the country, with only 19% of Ukrainian Androids carrying the app.

Having these new countries also allows us to see the top 10 apps based on Similarweb’s ‘Usage Rank’ rating. The Usage Rank rating is calculated based on a Similarweb algorithm that factors in ‘Current Installs’ and ‘Active Users’ in a selected country. Discover below the top 10 apps in 4 of the new app countries: Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, and Singapore.
According to the Usage Rank rating, BBM by Blackberry is the top free Android app in Indonesia. The app is heavily used in Indonesia and is installed on 88% of Android devices, averaging 23 sessions per user. Outside of BBM, most apps are familiar top apps, and are pretty consistent with the top apps in the U.S.
Top 10 free andoird apps in Indonesia

The top app in Japan is LINE: Free Calls & Messages, a communication app that only ranked 41 in the U.S. Japan also has two unique Japanese apps in the top 10: spモードメール and Yahoo! JAPAN. As of February 1st, 2016, Yahoo! JAPAN had an average of 55.72% active app users, while spモードメール had 42.51% active app users.
Top 10 free android apps in Japan

In the Philippines, Facebook proved to be the top app and is installed on over 90% of Android devices in the country. Facebook’s accompanying app Messenger was second most popular with GO SMS Pro taking third place.
new philipeins

In Singapore, 79% of Android phones have WhatsApp installed, and the popular messaging app is tops in Similarweb’s Usage Rank in the country. One app that made the Singapore list and none of the others is WeChat, a messaging app that ranks 35th in the U.S. but shows much higher use in Singapore where it ranks 6th.
new singapore

For app marketers, knowing where to target your app and launch a campaign is crucial to ensure growth, development, and retention. Similarweb’s app insights are essential for deciding and deploying an efficient app marketing campaign. For more top app insights and to find out what Similarweb can do for your company, why not try out a live demo?

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