New Year, New Design!

New Year, New Design!

January 15, 2018 | Updated August 2, 2022

We listened to our customers’ feedback, and over the coming months will be rolling out a series of improvements to the design and functionality of our platform. All of these changes are to help our users find value in a quick and seamless manner!

These updates will be released and implemented in three phases beginning today. Here’s a review of  the first two phases of the new Similarweb look and feel.

Phase I

The entire focus of the new design is on enhancing the user experience and ensuring that you maximize all the Similarweb solution has to offer. This starts with a new top bar, and dynamic homepage. Find out how this will improve your Similarweb experience.

New Top Bar

Our new homepage will provide a useful top-bar with three drop-down headers; Research, Track, and Grow. These headers are in place to help guide each visit to accomplish specific goals:

  • Research: Provides access to all the current modules enabling direct use of the platform to benchmark performance, analyze trends, compare different digital entities and more
  • Track: Enables a seamless view of your Custom Dashboards and News Feed so you can stay on top of key metrics
  • Grow: This section is coming soon and will empower you to identify new actionable growth opportunities

New Year, New Design!

New Filters

In this phase you will also see an update in the functionality and location of the filters. Specifically, we have merged the date picker with the ability to compare period-over-period. And, due to popular demand, we have moved the geographic and device selection (total/desktop/mobile) next to one another, so all filters are in one, convenient place.

New Year, New Design!

New Research and Main Homepage

The new Research and Main homepage is intended to provide users with an effortless experience achieving optimal results and retrieving quality insights as quickly as possible. Each section – Research, Track, Grow – will have a dedicated homepage to provide the guidance necessary to improve speed and access to insights.

Directly within the new homepage you can access your saved properties, custom categories, analyze visits and search volume, following trending website, apps, and keywords, and premium users can view their keyword groups.

New Year, New Design!

Phase II

For the second phase, we are releasing a new sidebar and Track homepage, both intended to support usability. So, how will these features support you?

New Sidebar

We’ve designed new, modern icons along with a new side navigation bar to make it easier to discover all the module sections and subsections, so you can extract valuable insights with ease and convenience.

New Year, New Design!

New Track Homepage

The new Track homepage can be easily accessed from the top-menu bar, just select ‘Track’. Within it you can directly monitor your custom dashboards and personalized News Feed, offering a seamless navigation flow and comprehensive information locale.

New Year, New Design!

We hope you enjoy these new design elements, and look forward to hearing your feedback!


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