Revamping Industry Analysis – A New and Improved View of your Industry and Market

Revamping Industry Analysis – A New and Improved View of your Industry and Market

June 14, 2016 | Updated August 3, 2022

Industry Analysis helps you uncover your competitive landscape, understand your position in your market and discover expansion opportunities. Using Industry Analysis, together with Website Analysis, provides the complete set of data required to make exact business decisions. Let’s start with a quick overview of some of the changes in the Industry Analysis module.

  • Improved estimations – our Industry Analysis up until now was composed of all sites in the industry. This sometimes skewed the estimations. Our new calculations are based on an index of the top 100 sites, which allow us to make more accurate estimations on the entire industry.
  • We’ve added the last 28 days and up to 3 months of historical data (previously only one month was available):


  • Traffic Sources in Industry Analysis now includes ALL traffic sources with a deeper analysis provided  for each source (previously only Search, Social and Referrals were included):


  • Traffic Sources also includes a brand new graph with the traffic volume over time, broken down by source:


  • A new section called Top Keywords was added showing the top organic and paid keywords sending traffic to the industry


Future Releases in Industry Analysis

In the coming months, we’re planning to continue releasing additional sections and features to the Industry Analysis module.Two major additions are:

  1. Industry Overview – including the overall number of visits to sites in the industry, share of traffic out of all other industries (in a given market or worldwide), engagement engagement rates, visits over time and top markets for that industry, including the share of each market.
  2. Custom Categories – which will allow you to create categories for any group of websites you select


Quick-Win Use Cases!

Discover the best entry points to new markets

Using the Leaders By Sources section inside Industry Analysis, a company can discover the most popular local players to partner with, or to analyze as competitors. In this example car manufacturers can discover the top auto dealers in the UK market, and qualify them based on their traffic share, MoM change, website rank and engagement rates:



The Top Websites section inside Industry Analysis is a great place to find the top performing players in an industry and market. Accompanied with qualification (traffic share) and benchmarking (website rank) metrics, this section will make it easier to map the competitive landscape and make investment and expansion decisions.

In this example below investors can learn who are the top leaders in the Classified France market.


Discover the top keywords driving traffic to your industry

The Top Keywords section inside Industry Analysis is a great place to discover keywords that can boost your organic and paid search traffic, learn about industry trends and brand popularity.
In this example we’ll identify the most popular jewelry brands in the Australian market; information that can help local jewelry retailers optimize their product offerings and SEO, or offer jewelry brands the opportunity to benchmark themselves and map their competitive position.



These two examples represent just the tip of the iceberg. The new and improved Industry Analysis holds endless opportunities for business researchers, marketers and prospectors. Contact us to learn how Industry Analysis can help you achieve your business goals.


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