similarweb for google spreadsheets

Similarweb for Google Spreadsheets

January 7, 2015 | Updated August 2, 2022

We’ve had quite a few product updates and new features lately – all part of our mission to make Similarweb as easy to use as possible. We’re continually tweaking the platform so you can get data insights faster than ever before, which is why we’re especially proud of our APIs.

Our latest tool is something we’re really excited about: native integration with Google Spreadsheets.  That’s right, we’ve combined the best of Similarweb’s capabilities directly in the easy-to-use and well known interface of Google spreadsheets.

similarweb for google spreadsheets

Now you can delve deep into trusted intelligence metrics and pull out just the relevant insights.

So what does that mean? Simply put, now you can easily track all of the intelligence metrics that matter to you – and nothing else.

That’s not all…with our custom Google Spreadsheets Add-On, you can:

  • Save Time by creating data calls that import only the metrics you want to see for the domains that interest you
  • Leverage our APIs without knowing how to code  by granting you access to all of our latest insights, without any coding skills necessary
  • Use Your Own Custom Methods for Scoring Websites according to the specific metrics that matter to you, so you can easily identify new opportunities
  • Easily Refresh your Custom Report to track major spikes or drops in traffic or engagement for any website, broken down by traffic source
  • Import Data from Any Number of Sources to Enhance your Business Insights, using calls from other APIs like Majestic SEO, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Topsy and Twitter

Best of all, the Similarweb Google Docs Add-On is easy to use. So you can increase your efficiency when it comes to media buying prospects, guest blogging, affiliate partnerships, link building, keyword research and more…the possibilities are endless.

Here at Similarweb we’re excited to be closing the year on such a high note, along with the introduction of so many new tools and integration solutions for easier data insights. We can promise you that you’ll be seeing a lot more new features and product updates in 2015. We’ll keep you posted on our next great innovation.

Feel free to drop us a note with suggestions for new tools and nice hacks you’d like us to build for you.

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