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by Ariel 2 Min.
August 26, 2014 | Updated August 3, 2022

A message from Or Offer, CEO of Similarweb:

“I am delighted to announce that today we hit a major milestone, the release of the moving window, a major feature that means that Similarweb will update every day rather than once a month.

When we launched Similarweb in January 2013 we received some great feedback from you, our users. We also asked you what we could do better and a lot of you asked us for fresher data. We spoke to lots of you and keep on hearing that you were frustrated by the fact you couldn’t see what happened last week and had to wait until the 10th of the following month till the data was refreshed.

I presented this feedback to our R&D team and challenged them to find a solution. At first they said it was impossible to analyze 2 billion data points daily so I insisted on a hackathon to get everyone on board to try and find a way. We’re not sure if it was the beer, caffeine or the pizza but around 2 AM the team had an epiphany. 8 months and thousands of man hours later a very proud R&D presented the moving window to the entire company.

I’d like to thank all of you for challenging us and telling us what you’d like to see in the product, we’re working on some really cool functionality you’ve asked for and we’d love hear any more ideas you have.”

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