Similarweb Uncovers Tumblr’s Naughty Content

June 24, 2013 | Updated August 31, 2022

Last month Yahoo made a big splash in the tech world, with the acquisition of Tumblr. For a whopping 1.1 billion dollars everyone wanted to take a deeper look into Tumblr’s traffic data.  Here at Similarweb, we immediately started thinking about different ways we could implement our data to help many different media outlets and blogs who wanted answers. Specifically, journalists felt like Tumblr had an excessive amount of porn blogs and wanted a realistic number of adult content within the platform.

So, our amazing research team analyzed Tumblr’s 200,000 most visited subdomains and from that sample pool, we would be able to capture an accurate estimate of the amount of porn on Tumblr. Our data exposed that out of these top 200,000 pages 22,775 of them were porn blogs. We also saw that 22% of referral traffic to Tumblr blogs came from pornographic websites.

TechCrunch broke the “dirty” news first that 11.4% of those top blogs were porn or “adult websites” as we categorize them.

Tech Crunch article about Tumblr


With our useful information, news outlets all over the world displayed our data! From Japan to Spain to Peru to Germany to France our data was being shared literally all over the globe. Similarweb analysis appeared in hundreds of articles including  FastCompanyBloomberg’s BusinessWeek , ElPais , Financial Times blog , Stern.de, and ABC Spain . All reporting on how a substantial amount of tumblr.com is porn and even larger portion of the traffic is coming from porn sites.

As the leading web traffic analysis tool on the web, there are thousands of different ways to use our data. Visit Similarweb and try for yourself. Or if anyone wants some help or ideas of how to use Similarweb for your best interest don’t hesitate to contact us. We are waiting to hear from you!

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