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Top Emerging U.S. Telecom Industry Trends in 2020

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the telecom industry, transforming the competitive positions of top mobile network operators in regards to each other and to newer and smaller players, such as wireless carriers and retailers.

The economic fallout of the virus has also brought forth shifts in subscribers and traffic patterns, which are covered in our report on Emerging Trends in the U.S. Telecom Sector.

These adjustments include:

  • Weekly traffic to the Big Four (T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint), including a breakdown of prospects vs. customers
  • The surge in Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) related search
  • Changes in billing arrangements following the rise in U.S. unemployment figures
  • The impact of Coronavirus on prepaid carriers such as Cricket Wireless
  • The dwindling demand for unlimited data plans


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