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The most powerful eCommerce intelligence platform for uncovering browsing and buying behaviors across marketplaces.

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“Similarweb Shopper Intelligence has been a great addition to our team's analytical toolstack. Its intuitive UI and strong, easy to manipulate data, has really been useful to tell a cohesive, larger story of our performance on Amazon, down to actionable insights for our cross-functional team.”

Consumer Insights Director, Leading U.S. pet care brand

What can you do with Shopper Intelligence?

✓ Estimate TAM
✓ Track market share
✓ Identify competitive threats
✓ Uncover new category and product opportunities

✓ Improve the loyalty loop and your subscription strategy
✓ Estimate competitor cannibalization and identify competitors to conquest
✓ Understand willingness to pay in order to optimize pricing
✓ Optimize marketing campaigns
✓ Find new partnership opportunities

✓ Inform your paid and organic search strategy to increase ROI
✓ Improve your product pages’ content
✓ Evaluate keywords’ market opportunity and generate new keyword ideas
✓ Analyze brand awareness


Is Shopper Intelligence right for me?
Are you asking yourself questions like:

  • Which Amazon categories do I need to double down on?
  • How much of my customer base is being cannibalized by marketplace competition?
  • How strong is my loyalty loop?
  • How can I optimize my search strategy on different marketplaces?

If the answer is yes, Shopper Intelligence is the right solution for you.

How is Shopper Intelligence different from other eCommerce solutions in the market?
Shopper Intelligence uses a unique data methodology, including a contributor network and different partnerships, that allow us to offer consumer behavior insights no other provider in the market can offer.

What’s the difference between Shopper Intelligence and the other Similarweb solutions?
Similarweb has three different solutions for brands:

  • Digital Research Intelligence – Optimize your D2C digital strategy and increase market share
  • Digital Marketing Intelligence – Grow your traffic across search, display, affiliate, and more
  • Shopper Intelligence – Optimize your brand’s performance across marketplaces

Similarweb also offers Advisory Services to answer any business question you have.

What is Shopper Intelligence’s price?
Our price is determined by the scope of data you need access to (e.g. number of domains and categories), so each quote is customized to your needs.

Is a free trial available?
Yes! Contact us to learn more.

How many users are included?
Shopper Intelligence includes access to 10 users. More users can be added as needed.