Market Intelligence for the Ad Tech Industry

Discover, manage, and deliver quality and relevant inventory for your advertising partners


Discover New Publishers

Grow your advertising inventory with relevant, high quality sites and apps within a given industry, niche, or market.

Determine Publisher Quality

Evaluate publishers based on traffic volume & quality, traffic sources and associated sites or apps.

Eliminate Click Fraud

Track the clickstream of your publishers’ traffic to avoid fraudulent referral traffic and unhappy advertisers.

Target the Right Audience

Understand your target audience’s browsing habits on desktop or mobile. Drive quality traffic based on their interests.

Access Premium Ad Placement

Identify pages & folders generating the most traffic within a publisher’s site to obtain optimal ad placement results.

Reach the Right Advertisers

Identify advertisers that are working with other ad networks and publishers, or are relying heavily on paid traffic.


Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis offers a bird’s eye view of an entire industry or market while providing a list of leading websites and top referrers that can help grow your digital business.

Traffic Overview

Traffic Overview showcases a given website’s most important metrics needed to evaluate its quality: desktop vs. mobile web, traffic distribution, engagement rates and visits over time.

Audience Interests

Audience Interests shows the sites users visited before and after visiting your own or competitors’ sites. Use this feature to diversify and scale up traffic delivered to your partners.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising provides lists of publishers working with competing ad networks. Discover which publishers work with these networks & how much traffic each publisher generates.

Referring Sites

Referring Sites shows lists of desktop & mobile publishers working with a given ad network, including the traffic each generates. Use this to discover and qualify new publishers.

Traffic Destination

Outgoing Links and Outgoing Ads provide a list of advertisers working with a given ad network or publisher. Use this to prospect for and qualify new clients.

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