Affiliate Analysis and Tracking Tools

Find, qualify and track affiliates with market intelligence tools that will help you thrive


Discover & Qualify Affiliates

View thousands of the best performing affiliates within your industry and market, and assess the value of each.

Expand your Reach

Find new niche affiliates by examining the browsing habits of your target audience.

Look to your Competitors

Grow your affiliate base by contacting ones that send the most traffic to your competitors.

Monitor Existing Affiliates

Understand the total amount of traffic sent by your partners to competitors and assess room for growth.

Focus on Quality

Negotiate effectively when prospecting affiliates by discovering their growth tactics and existing brand partners.

Grow your Mobile Traffic

Boost your mobile traffic share by discovering the top referrals sending relevant mobile traffic to your competitors.


Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis shows the top referring sites to an industry and the leading sites overall. Use this information to track competitors and find new affiliates.

Referral Traffic

The Referrals section shows sites that referred traffic to competitors, including traffic share, category and rank for each. Review this list to find new affiliates & qualify them.

Outgoing Traffic

Outgoing Traffic reveals advertisers & partners working with a given site and the traffic volume received by each. Use this to track your affiliate’s deals with other advertisers.

Traffic Overview

Traffic Overview shows visits, engagement rates, desktop and mobile-web breakdown and change over time for any site. Qualify affiliates and track their performance based on this data.

Comparison Mode

The Compare feature lets you compare 5 sites side by side. Benchmark your traffic share against 4 of your competitors, for each of the referring affiliate sites.

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