Digital Market Intelligence for Agencies

Increase your client base & deepen your existing client relationships with insights for any Industry, Website, or App


Land New Business

Know a prospect's business better than they do; understand their digital share and growth opportunities before you pitch

Build Data-Driven Strategies

Define client success and create effective marketing plans based on granular traffic, engagement and traffic source data

Drive Advertising Budgets

Invest in the channels where competitive data shows the highest ROI; optimize SEO, PPC, display, content & more

Produce Insightful Reports

Easily generate and export custom graphs, tables, and other visuals


Custom Dashboards

Create personalized dashboards with the metrics & sites you monitor regularly for your clients

Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis lets you understand the online landscape of any industry, in any market, including top traffic sources, MoM growth and leaders.

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources shows the distribution of traffic between: direct, referrals, search, display & more. Use this feature to learn which channels you should pursue for your clients

Keyword Analysis

Analyze paid and organic traffic for any keyword, understand keyword market share & generate content based on trending keywords

Custom Categories

Track growth, leaders and trends in your clients' precise industry. Benchmark against competitors within their custom industry & discover the leading traffic sources.

Category Share

See which players are gaining or losing market share over time in your clients' industry. Identify swings in traffic share within the category due to real events that impact the web.

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