Digital market intelligence for business research

Make strategic decisions based on deep market and competitive analytics


Map your Competitive Landscape

Analyze the digital traffic market share, growth rate & engagement metrics of any website or app

Discover Emerging Players

Spot new competitors based on spikes in traffic volume, keyword share, traffic sources and brand presence

Support your Market Expansion

Create a country go to market or international M&A strategy by accessing our analytics across geographies

Identify & Predict Trends

Identify industry growth, consolidation, share gains and more based on category overviews and leader behavior

Evaluate Marketing Spend & ROI

Gain insight into competitors’ marketing strategies & online activities to optimize your own campaigns


Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis reveals an industry’s online landscape, including its leaders, traffic sources, engagement rates and trends over time. Use it to learn about your market and industry.

Website Analysis

Website Analysis tracks traffic volume, engagement, geographic distribution and audience interests on desktop and mobile. Use this to analyze competitors or potential partners.

Geographic Distribution

Geographic Distribution reveals how any given website performs in each country. Benchmark against competitors to assess market share and global reach.

App Analysis

App Analysis provides rank, traffic and engagement data for any app, allowing you to benchmark yourself and to identify and qualify emerging players.

Historical Data

View Desktop or Mobile data for the last 28 days or going back up to 36 months, to help you run period-over-period analyses or growth and trend predictions.

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