Generate new business with comprehensive market intelligence

Use competitive and market analytics to find and qualify leads


Generate New Leads

Create lists of highly targeted quality leads by analyzing competitors and your entire industry

Qualify Leads Efficiently

Quickly assess and prioritize leads by analyzing their market share, acquisition strategy and growth in any country

Impress prospects

Discover a company’s entire digital strategy to help pitch effectively and close more deals

Don’t Miss a Beat

Use up-to-date and historical data to reveal trends and today’s rising stars, so you can act before your competitors


Industry Leaders

Leaders by Source shows sites that receive the most traffic in their industry from specific traffic sources. Use this to discover potential leads and qualify them.

Keyword Competitors

Keyword Competitors reveals sites that compete for the same keywords. Use this to find potential leads, get to know prospects, or discover competitors.

Popular Pages

Popular Pages reveals the most visited pages and categories in any website. Use this to reveal client lists of your B2B competitors, or to better understand prospects.

Website Overview

The Website Audience Overview reveals the traffic volume and engagement rates on a given site, offering important metrics to assess and qualify leads.

App Leaderboard

App Leaderboard reveals the leading apps in every country and category. Use this to discover and qualify leads in the app arena.

Country Filters

SimilarWeb offers data for 60+ countries and 15+ US States, allowing you to find and qualify leads in local and global markets.

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