Market Research for Smart Media Buys

Research and discover quality traffic sources and build a successful media buying strategy


Discover Relevant Ad Networks

Grow your audience reach by discovering ad networks sending traffic to a particular industry, niche, or market.

Evaluate Potential Publishers

Evaluate publishers based on traffic volume and quality, traffic sources and associated sites or apps.

Audit Existing Ad Networks

Monitor your ad networks by accessing and analyzing lists of publishers they use to send you traffic.

Optimize your Ad Creative

Explore which campaigns your competitors are running, including associated banners and landing pages.

Increase ROI

Build effective landing pages by learning which of your competitors’ pages receive the most traffic.

Get Better Results on Mobile

Evaluate advertising opportunities on apps by analyzing publishers’ installs, DAU, engagement and audience interests.


Display Ads

Display Ads includes lists of ad networks, publishers and ad creative used by your competitors. Use this to optimize your own campaigns.

Traffic Overview

Traffic Overview showcases a given website’s most important metrics needed to evaluate its quality: desktop vs. mobile web, traffic distribution, engagement rates and visits over time.

Audience Interests

Audience Interests shows the sites users visited before and after visiting your own or competitors’ sites. Use this feature to diversify and scale up your media buy.

Popular Pages

The Popular Pages feature showcases a website’s most visited pages. Use this feature to optimize your ad targeting and landing pages for optimal conversion rates.

App Analysis

App Analysis shows competitors’ traffic sources, rank, engagement rates, audience interests & retention. Use this to track competitors’ user acquisition strategies.

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