Market & Competitive Intelligence for Mobile Apps

Increase discovery and retention for your mobile apps with actionable insights


Create a Winning ASO Strategy

Achieve top in-store visibility for your app by uncovering keywords driving traffic to similar and competing apps.

Optimize your Campaigns

Advertise on apps and websites that are already generating quality traffic to apps in your industry and market.

Expand to New Markets

Enter new markets with a clear understanding about their size, leading players and best entry points.

Discover Emerging Apps

Track apps daily in local markets and discover newcomers, investment opportunities and potential threats.

Benchmark Performance

Evaluate your app’s performance against competitors to uncover weak points in your retention and engagement efforts.


Referring Keywords

The In-Store Keywords feature uncovers all keywords referring traffic to similar or competing apps. Use this feature to uncover keywords most often used by your target audience.

App Engagement

App Engagement shows an app’s current installs, active users and usage time. Use it to track the effectiveness of app updates and retention efforts, or to evaluate potential investments

Usage Analysis

The Usage Patterns feature reveals an app’s usage by day of the week and hour of the day. Use it to reveal the peak usage times of your competitors.

App-Store Analysis

App-Store Analysis shows the distribution of in-store & external traffic sources to an app store-page. Use this to discover effective user acquisition strategies used by competitors.

Audience Interests

The Audience Interests feature reveals apps are commonly used by the same users as the analyzed app. Use it to explore potential in-app advertising opportunities and partnerships.

App Category Analysis

App Category Analysis shows the leading iOS and Android apps based on store rank and engagement. Use it to understand the competitive landscape when exploring new markets.

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