Market Intelligence for PPC Managers

Research and discover successful PPC strategies to grow your paid campaigns


Find Top Performing Keywords

Increase your ROI by selecting keywords that are already performing well for your competitors in their PPC campaigns.

Build New Keyword Groups

Expand your paid search reach with keyword groups that are most likely to generate traffic and revenue.

Track Competitors Performance

Optimize your campaign performance by learning which paid search tactics work best for the competition.

Optimize your Landing Pages

Improve your quality score by emulating the best-performing competitors’ pages based on paid rank and visits.

Expand your GDN Campaigns

Optimize your display campaigns by working with the best-performing AdSense partners in your industry and market.

Optimize your Ads

Learn from successful banners and search ads used by industry leaders and competitors.


Top Keywords

The Top Keywords section reveals keywords that have generated the most traffic to sites in a specific industry and market. Use this information to build keyword groups.

Search Traffic

Search reveals referring keywords to competitor’s site, including the traffic each keyword generated, its search volume and average CPC. Use this to find top performing keywords.

Popular Pages

Popular Pages shows the most-visited pages on a given site and the traffic share for each page. Use it to optimize your landing pages and increase your quality score.

Referral Traffic

Referrals shows domains referring traffic to any given site and the traffic they generated. Use this to find relevant publishers and expand your GDN campaigns.


The Position metric shows the position and rank of a landing page on paid SERP for each keyword referring traffic to a given site. Use this feature to track and optimize your SERP ranks


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