Market Intelligence for Publishers

Reveal proven strategies from leading publishers to grow your audience and maximize ad revenue


Expand your Reach

Discover which channels send the most traffic to top publishers, and optimize campaigns that yield results.

Create the Right Content

Grow your audience by generating in-demand content based on the most viewed categories & articles of leading publishers.

Increase Ad Revenue

Sell more ads by finding advertisers and ad networks that already work with your most successful competitors.

Gain Negotiating Power

Strengthen your sales pitch with a benchmark report favorably comparing your desktop & mobile traffic to competitors.

Keep Up with Trends

Learn what people are interested in reading right now based on the keywords sending traffic to successful publishers.

Qualify Ad Networks

Reveal the ad networks of leading publishers and evaluate their engagement rates to ensure you pick the right partners.


Website Analysis

Website Analysis reveals the traffic sources, visits and engagements rates of any site. Focus on leading publishers to gain insight into a strategy tried and tested for success.

Traffic Sources Overview

Traffic Sources Overview allows you to drill down into the individual traffic channels of any site, and to see the traffic share per keyword, referring site, and social network.

Audience Interests

Audience Interests shows you which sites users typically visit before and after your site or a competitor’s. Use this information to better engage their interests.

Popular Pages

Popular Pages offers a look at the most viewed pages and categories in top competitor sites, revealing successful content strategies and trending topics.

Outgoing Ads

Paid Outgoing Traffic displays the category, traffic share and MoM change for all advertisers receiving traffic from a given site. Analyze publishers’ sites to discover new advertisers.

Fresh Data

Data in SimilarWeb is available for the last 28 days, and up to 36 months. Track competitors daily to discover what’s trending now.

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