The Challenge: No visibility into eCommerce market share.

Biocodex’s eCommerce team couldn’t properly track its Amazon U.S. market share in the probiotics category. Additionally, the company had no visibility into how its competitors were doing, or how much the category was growing.

As a result, the team couldn’t verify their performance beyond their own sales growth, and didn’t know if they were closing the gap on the competition. They struggled to make budgetary decisions and grow their eCommerce channel.

The Success: Similarweb insights contribute to eCommerce growth.

When the team presented this information to management, they secured additional budget allocated towards acquiring new Amazon customers.

As a result, Biocodex’s U.S. Amazon market share grew 38% in 7 months, reaching more than 4% of the probiotics category.

With Similarweb Shopper Intelligence, the team could show the long term benefits of their additional spend, beyond the directly attributed ROI.

“We use Similarweb Shopper Intelligence to make a lot of big budget decisions, and it's become a staple in the way we communicate our eCommerce performance internally. We’re now able to see how our investment is impacting our market share on a monthly basis”

Daniel Zampini

Senior eCommerce Manager, Biocodex

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