One of the direct impacts of COVID-19 globally was the shift to online shopping and as a result the increased competition between eCommerce sites.

Download the recording of our webinar masterclass to get a better understanding of the eCommerce landscape in these difficult times. Download the recording of our Webinar Masterclass and learn how to: 

  • Conduct a top-down analysis of the eCommerce industry in the APAC region. 
  • Identify the top and emerging players and market trends
  • Benchmark competitors’ marketing strategies
  • Determine best practices for winning the next online shopping holiday

About the Presenters

Omri Levy
Enterprise Account Manager SimilarWeb

Omri is working with Big 6 agency clients globally, and is responsible for consulting clients on business measurement of success and pain points to deliver the Similarweb PRO platform value and make better-informed business decisions.

Omri is a former agency persona himself with experience in media planning, digital strategy, and consumer insights.

Lee Margalit
Client Success Analyst Similarweb

Lee is working with global agencies and consultancy companies. She is responsible for demonstrating the value of Similarweb's solutions and consulting on the best ways to use and analyze the data to meet business needs.

Lee has a business consultancy and analytical client success background working with many agencies and companies' marketing departments