Why Work at SimilarWeb?

We measure the digital world

We’ve been called the fastest growing startup in Israel, with over 40 million in funding. We’re constantly growing and improving our data accuracy in order to provide complete transparency of the digital world. All of this is possible thanks to our amazing team of developers, product experts, marketing and sales professionals who are committed to delivering the very best market intelligence platform out there.

We change the way decisions are being made

In today’s modern world, we increasingly rely on data to make all manner of business decisions. At SimilarWeb we provide a wealth of valuable data to millions of people across the globe who use our platform on a daily basis. Our data helps people make smarter decisions based on actionable insights! We boast a vast research and data science team comprised of talented mathematicians, analysts and programmers. This unique group of individuals are integral to our success in collecting processing and analyzing huge amounts of data every day.

Growing in quantity and quality

In a little over a year, we’ve grown from a small company to over 150 employees in 4 locations around the world.  We are continuing to expand in rapid growth mode, while keeping true to the company’s original vision: creating a fun, dynamic work environment powered by talented like-minded professionals who want to be a part of this exciting adventure!

Come and join!

One of Israel's hottest startups of 2015 (Business Insider, 20/9/2015)

One of the top 10 most wanted tech companies in Israel (Calcalist, 26/5/2015)

Second most promising startup in Israel (Globes, 15/10/2015)