Our Data

Transforming data into meaningful information is our passion

Website Traffic Sources

Diverse Sources

We collect data from thousands of different sources to help us assess and compare the quality of our data and deliver unparalleled accuracy.

We combine clickstream data from our industry-leading panel, our crawler, and ISP's to build a fast and precise snapshot of our digital world. We then compare our collected data to our learning set of millions of directly measured websites to fine tune our algorithms and remove biases. This empowers us to analyze billions of pages every single day.

Unlike some providers, who focus on a specific region or user type, our collection is done on a global scale across multiple device types, with a statistically representative cross-section of all types of users. SimilarWeb's unique approach to data collection and processing enables us to give you a total understanding of the digital world.

Big Data Analytics

Size matters

When it comes to data, the bigger the panel is, the more statistically accurate the insights will be.

We have panel data for tens of millions of users across the world, making our panel the biggest in the industry.

We implement big data technologies on our data center consisting of dozens of high-end servers that analyze tens of terabytes of data every week and more than a billion data points every single day. The volume of data we manage and process makes our insights highly accurate and reliable.

Big Data Analysis

Data Treatment

Once we have collected volumes of raw data, we use statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to turn it into actionable knowledge.

Our raw data is treated with in-house algorithms to remove biases, filter out noisy information, and transform it into meaningful insights. The data from our diversified sources is intelligently combined, normalized, and projected to represent the entire Internet population.

Website Traffic Insights

From Data to Insights

Our expertise in web traffic, marketing analytics, and Internet behavior is what brings our data to life.

We work hard to filter our processed data and present it to users in a way that allows them to quickly find the insights they need.

We work hard so that you don't have to. Instead of being overloaded with irrelevant data, we give users focused access to the most relevant intelligence to help them achieve faster and better research.

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