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Digital 100 - Top 100 Fastest-Growing Online Brands in Australia

Discover the winning digital brands of 2021! The globally recognized Digital 100 reveals the top fastest-growing companies in Australia for 10 key industries based on year-over-year (YoY) traffic growth. Plus, we break down the powerhouse digital strategies supercharging their success so you can make the cut next year.

Fancy footwear is the apparel order of the year

FRANKiE4 Footwear, specializing in high-end footwear, jumped to first place on our list while Kickscrew’s site – a supplier of collectible sports sneakers like Air Jordans – nabbed third place. also made the top 20, showing shoppers’ longtime love for the veteran’s sheepskin.
Considering consumers’ appreciation of luxe shoes, apparel brands may want to step up their sites and advertise similar luxury footwear.

Asian beauty brands enamor Aussies, a one-stop-shop for trendy beauty and fashion, took the top spot. While it carries items from many countries in Asia, Stylevana particularly promotes its Korean beauty brands., a health and beauty site hailing from Korea, also ranked among the winners, further showing the force of K-Beauty.
Impressively, despite being one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world, Japanese cosmetics company 

Crypto craze catching on

Cryptocurrency exchanges, Swyftx, Kucoin, and FTX took the top five spots, followed by CoinDesk, where token traders head to read up on the latest industry news.
In fact, 14 out of our 20 winners are connected with cryptocurrency or its underlying blockchain technology, illustrating that digital assets have gone mainstream.
Blockchain-related brands also boomed internationally, scoring nine out of 10 slots on the U.K., while NFT platforms ruled top spots in the U.S.

Hunting for a home away from home

There’s been an uptick in international house hunting for those looking to relocate or buy a second home. And Aussies honed in on Southeast Asia with Malaysian real estate website, which landed in fifth place on the list.
Other real estate winners specialize in the India and Singapore markets. Get all the details in the complete list.

Domestic travel drives up car rental demand

Though known for trotting the globe, two years of border shutdowns forced Aussies to find experiences closer to home and, with that, secure their own wheels.
Rental Car Manager accelerated to first place, while CarTrawler, another car rental site, drove in behind at 14 on the leaderboard.
Other brands crushing the travel game include car rental comparison sites, like Discover Cars and VIP Cars, which parked in second and third place.  

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The Digital 100 is the official list of the fastest-growing digital brands. To identify the 100 U.S. winners, we analyzed websites with over 100,000 visitors for 10 categories, ranking the 100 websites with the largest increase in visitors on desktop and mobile web devices in the U.S. 2021 vs. 2020.