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The Official 100 Fastest-Growing Companies Online in France

The highly-anticipated annual rankings are live - discover the winning digital players of 2022! The globally recognized Digital 100 reveals the fastest-growing companies online in France. across 10 key industries based on year-over-year (YoY) traffic growth. Plus, we unpack the digital tactics fueling their success so you can make the list next year.

Women are economical when it comes to buying clothes

Women are economical when it comes to buying clothes

Gas prices force many to rethink spending, a website that compares gas station prices in your area, was the top performer on our Automotive Industry list, with a growth of 442%., an automotive site that features a map of affordable and close-by gas stations, saw an increase of 92%. This trend indicates that people are beginning to search for cheaper gas stations, likely due to rising oil prices, the global economic crisis, and the strikes in French gas refineries in October 2022 that caused a gasoline shortage.

Skincare takes the lead from makeup products

Winners of our fastest-growing beauty list in various categories such as makeup (, +76% YoY), nail care (, +52% YoY), haircare (, +25%), and skincare (, +61% and, +25%) have demonstrated a stronger interest in skincare, as evidenced by the top keywords associated with niacinamide, the ordinary, retinol, and herborian.

Domains related to insurance in the limelight

No. 2 on our list is, which provides insurance programs for cars, housing, motorbikes, and smartphones. This company saw a 293% year-over-year (YoY) increase in traffic, going from 731K to 2.9M., another platform that offers insurance programs, experienced a 50% growth. Consumers have become increasingly concerned about their savings this year; likely due to the current state of the world and the news of various crises.

Telemedicine grows post pandemic

The demand for remote medical consultations remained high in 2022, even after the end of COVID-19 lockdowns. Companies providing medical teleconsultations, such as (+249.0%), (+177.3%), and (+98.8%) experienced a surge in traffic in post-covid 2022, indicating that the pandemic has brought about a lasting change in the way healthcare is delivered.

Looking for creative ways to cut energy costs

Three of the top 10 domains in the home & garden category were providers of home gasoline in rural areas. These domains had advanced price monitors and news, showing that the French have a strong understanding of energy source prices. Additionally,, which offers energy renovation by switching from gas to electric heating, saw a 49% increase in traffic, YoY.

LinkedIn's local competitor is gaining ground rapidly

In May 2022, HelloWork consolidated eleven domains of the group, including RegionsJob and Cadreo, into one to strengthen its brand recognition, compete with major players such as LinkedIn and Indeed, and prepare for market expansion. This strategic move made HelloWork one of the largest and fastest-growing job aggregators in the French market (+5,705.2% YoY) and the most visited domain in our top 10 list (36M visits in 2022 vs. 0.6M in 2021).

Military news gets the hype

The websites (+1568.2%), (+81.0%), and (+80.0%) have all managed to make it into the top 10 news sites in France by primarily reporting on military news. These sites have seen a lot of attention throughout the year, not only covering the war in Ukraine but also offering a variety of military-related content. This could suggest that French news audiences are looking for a professional, unbiased perspective on the conflict and the world of the military.

Ticketing is now a thing, again

The top three players in the market –,, – have seen a YoY growth of 188%, 128%, and 158%, respectively, due to the return to normality post-covid. The most sought-after events and artists, as indicated by reviewing the most popular search terms in the industry, include Redouane Bougheraba, Starmania, and Paul Mirabel.

Flexible tourism is on the rise

Full-scale tourism, such as economical trips and affordability, is the focus of two of the top 10 travel domains, (+173.5%) and (+132.0%). On the other hand, middle and high-end tour operators have been replaced by aggregators of travel, lodging, and activities that prioritize flexibility.

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The Digital 100 is the official list of the fastest-growing companies online. To identify the winners, we analyzed websites with over 50,000 visitors for 10 categories, ranking the 100 websites with the largest year-over-year (YoY) increase in visitors on desktop and mobile web devices in France in 2022 vs. 2021.